How Can You Make Your Home Smarter?

From the easiest tasks of turning on your lights and locking your doors, to the more complex functions of controlling your thermostat, checking the food in your Smart Refrigerator, and monitoring your security cameras; you can make your Home a Smart Home.  The idea of having a Smart Home is no longer a futuristic idea…it is happening now.  There’s an App for everything these days, and you can control and manage your Smart Home with a simple touch of a button from anywhere.

Smart Home Accessories

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is right out of the Jetson’s age.  It contains “innerview” cameras that allows you to check what is inside via an App so you can make your grocery list while shopping.

GE WiFi Connect has a Washer/Dryer Combo that basically does everything except for putting the clean clothes away for you.

Belkin WeMo Smart-Slow Cooker makes meal time easy.  This Slow Cooker can be accessed and controlled via an App so you can adjust the temperature or cook time from anywhere. This is a great product to have during the Holidays, or just to regulate meal times during your busy work week.

Make Your Home Safer

Kwikset is one of the many brands of Smart Locks available on the market. unknown-3Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock can be controlled by an App, allowing you to monitor your locks via your smartphone.  This allows peace of mind when monitoring your kids’ arrival when you are not home.

The Nest brand has a line of automated products including a thermostat, smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector.  All of the Nest products can be controlled and monitored via an App on your smartphone. You can access the Nest App to adjust the temperature in your home before you arrive home from work.  If the Nest smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector senses any issues, an alert will be sent to your smartphone.

Video Doorbellunknown-2iVision+ makes a great video doorbell that allows you to see who is at your front door without having to walk to check it, since you can view and talk to them from the safety and comfort of any location in your home.  The iVision package includes a convenient hand-held wireless receiver with 2.25″ LCD monitor and battery operated doorbell/camera unit with over 300ft. transmission range.

Cameras – Nothing says safety more than a security system and having cameras installed inside and outside your home.  You can access your cameras and monitor them via an App on your smart phone or tablet.  This feature is great for knowing what is going on in your home even when you aren’t there!

Simplify with Smarter Controls

WeMo Switchesunknown-1Belkin makes a Wi-Fi enabled Wemo Switch that allows you to turn your electronic devices on and off from anywhere using your smart phone. The Wemo Switch can provide wireless control of TV’s lamps, stereos, heaters, fans and the devices by using your existing home Wi-Fi network.

RadioRA2 – Program and control indoor and outdoor lights, audio, video, remote shades, thermostat, and many more features in your smart home!

smart home“Universal” Remote ControlURC makes a total remote control for your electronic devices instead of having multiple controllers for TV, BluRay, cable, etc. Grab your URC remote and press one button to dim the lights, lower the shades and start the show. You can also select your favorite music the stream into the living room or see who is at your front door on your URC remote without interrupting the movie or leaving the couch.

Make Life Easier

images-1Amazon Echo – This hottest new gadget is voice activated and can control lights, music, alarms, sprinklers, and many more features in your home. The Echo integrates to your smart home and can also perform other daily tasks such as give you your calendar events, top news stories, traffic and weather forecasts.

Wireless Speakersunknown-5SONOS makes entertaining a breeze…especially around the Holidays. The SONOS line of products includes wireless speakers, subs, playbars, and amps.

Smart TV’sSONY has a line of smart tv’s that makes life easier! The new content bar makes functions easy to find and apply.  You can talk to your television and ask it to play a certain movie, find or record a show. There is better streaming with Netflix and the colors and imagery is phenomenal for gaming on this tv!

Get Smart!

smart-home-2Whether your concern is safety, convenience, comfort or just fun; making your home a Smart Home is a great way to integrate your electronics and control your devices. Find out more about how to make your home a Smart Home by contacting our experts online or call (804)379-1348 today!

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