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10 of the Most Exciting Smart Home Appliances in 2017

In today’s Smart Home, more appliances are adopting the features of easy app control. Consumer demand is embracing both voice control and smart-device integration. Smart appliances allow people to make their homes and lifestyles more enjoyable and more efficient. What makes integration easy is the fact that these appliances can be controlled by an App…

Richmonders Have Fallen in Love With Smart Home Lighting

Smart Homes are no longer a thing of the future…they’re here now. Many features can be integrated into a Smart Home to make daily tasks easier. One of the most popular features is automated lighting. Imagine having the ability to control lights inside and outside your home with the touch of a button (or voice)….

How Much is a Remote Outdoor Lighting System in RVA?

We get asked a lot of questions surrounding the cost of remote outdoor lighting. When considering outdoor lighting for your property, many people want the option to control their lighting remotely. So what’s the cost for this smart home feature? Unfortunately, the answer is not so cut and dry. There are many variables that can…