Moseley Electronics offers networking solutions as well as several types of telephone systems to meet your residential and small business communications needs. From simple Intercom systems to sophisticated systems with intercom, VoIP, voice mail and multi-line capability, Moseley will assess your layout and requirements and recommend a system that suits your communication needs.

Home Computer Networks for Broadband Internet Access

We install routers, Wireless Access Points, and switches for sharing this type of connection throughout your home network. Having trouble getting a good WiFi signal? Learn how we can help.

InfoTel LogoInfotel VoIP Systems. Calls sound better with no dropped calls

The Infotel data center (cloud based) is closer to 804 businesses than national providers which means our VoIP calls travel through fewer Internet routers resulting in better audio quality and no dropped calls. Contact us to learn more.

Use your phone to talk to your door with Intercom Phones 

When a visitor presses the button on the door intercom, it rings the phone in your home or your smartphone with a distinctive ring to alert you to visitor’s presence at the intercom. Pick up the phone to converse with whomever is at the door or if you are on the phone when a visitor arrives a call waiting tone will sound to alert you.

So if you want an intelligently installed phone system, contact us or call (804) 379-1348.

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Moseley Electronics proudly services and installs products by the following providers: