Vacation Entertainment Made Simple

Game Jack

“Game jacks” make it easy for vacationing guests to plug and play!

Moseley Electronics’ understands that vacation home owners want to provide their rental guests with a simple, easy to use system that also provides them a convenient place to plug-in their equipment.

Vacationers are coming to Hatteras Island to unwind and have a good time. Part of their vacation enjoyment is bringing their gaming systems, iPods, iPhones, digital cameras, etc. Why not give them an easy and convenient place to connect their equipment that you WANT them to use? Our solution is simple:

  1. Install equipment that is capable of handling both the size of the system and demands of a rental environment. Professional grade A/V equipment runs cooler, handles more rooms of audio, tolerates guests that “crank it up” for their favorite music, and lasts 2-3 times longer.
  2. Centrally house the system in one location or lock the equipment cabinet to conceal it. This gives vacation home owners security knowing their guests can’t tamper with their investment.
  3. Provide vacationers with our custom, easy to use, control system which consists of one remote that provides uniform operation regardless of equipment brands. Our “URC” Theater Master Control Systems are professionally programmed and eliminate the multiple button presses generally required to switch components and turn the systems on or off.
  4. Provide your guests with a convenient wall plate containing “game jacks” for connection of their equipment. A “game jack” plate can contain both analog and digital (HDMI) connections for gaming consoles; connections for music from an iPod, iPhone, or other media players; and power when necessary. All the guest has to do is plug in their equipment and select “game jack” on the remote.

These suggestions can be done in whole or in phases to meet your budgetary requirements. For more information on how we can help you provide the best entertainment solution for your guests on Hatteras Island, please call us at (252) 995-0103 or contact us online for a free quotation.