Sonos Music System Rocks! Literally

Sonos HiFi Audio for your big screen TV

sonos music system and playbarThe Sonos playbar turns that big screen TV into a theatre experience. We can install this sleek minimalistic playbar on your TV stand or mount it on the wall near the television. It’s neat and compact for the decorators at your home and offers deep, richly textured sound for those passionate about a cinema quality audio experience. This Sonos playbar also has hidden space under the bar to connect other devices such as networks, video game, blu-ray players and more.

It even has a “night mode” that compresses the volume so the TV doesn’t wake the family. Your late night volume? That’s under your control!

sonos videoWant to see more? Sonos Playbar Video here

Fill your house with music with Sonos wireless HiFi

sonos wireless hifi systemWith Sonos in your home, you are the DJ. Take control using the user-friendly Sonos App built for mobile, tablets and desktop. This Wifi Hifi streams music from itunes and SiriusXM, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play and a lot more. Get fancy by streaming one type of music in one room and something else entirely in another.

sonos videoWant to see more? Sonos HiFi Video here

Moseley can integrate this system to work with others in your home. Call us to find out all the possibilities of what we can do for you. Remember, we can build a basic scalable system first and add to it in phases.

Call or contact Brian today to find out how you can rock your world at the touch of a button.