Shock Protection For Your Home

Want to avoid smokin’ computers and toasted TVs? Want to avoid a potential house fire? Work in a home office and can’t afford the downtime that a surge would cause? Have a music or recording studio that you don’t want to get fried?

A surge protector or surge suppressor can protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. In short, it blocks the shock. surge protectionBe proactive in protecting your investments!

What is a Power Surge?

Power surges generally last less than 50 microseconds and can come from a variety of sources such as fluctuations at the power company, brownouts (temporary loss of power due to mechanical failure, overuse, storm), faulty wiring, or catastrophic events such as lightning strikes. In fact, a single lightning strike can cause a spike strong enough to burn out a wireless router, laptop, or TV.

Surges typically enter the house or business through wiring coming into the home or structure from outside.  This can include electrical, telephone, cable, satellite, irrigation, etc.  You want to catch the power surge as soon as it comes into the house before it gets close to any equipment.

Why Do You Need Whole House Protection?

Anything connected to a power source can be damaged by this excess energy. Power surges and spikes can not only destroy expensive electronic equipment and home appliances, but in some cases they cause house fires.

Prevent your TV from becoming toast

If you’re looking to safe guard your home electronics and equipment against the damaging effects of a surge or spike in the power supply, a professionally installed surge suppressor is a must. At Moseley Electronics, we can help you determine the best surge protection to protect your investment.

For more information or Surge Protection, contact the electronic solutions experts at Moseley Electronics today.

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