Some Common Myths About Surge Protection

MYTH: Any Surge Protector is better than none at all.

REALITY: With no surge protection at all, you are opening yourself up to a whole host of potential problems. Not only could the power surge damage your electronics, but your phone and cable lines can also be affected. This can prove to be an expensive risk to take.

MYTH: The more expensive the surge protector, the better protection it provides. Surge Protector

REALITY: There is really no correlation as to the higher the cost, the better the protection. Expensive surge protectors may have more features, but you can still purchase a good quality surge protector at a reasonable price.

MYTH: A power strip is a surge protector.

REALITY: While some power strips have surge protection available on them, not all are equipped to handle surge protection. Some power strips are basically an extension cord for multiple outlets. Be informed of what you are purchasing, and make sure you are using it in the correct way.

power strip

MYTH: A brief outage won’t be a big loss.

REALITY: If you are a Gambler, you may be able to take this risk. However, Downtime = Loss in Productivity and Money, which can be very costly. It has been estimated that the U.S. Economy loses between $200 billion to $570 billion a year due to power outages and disturbances. This loss can be triggered by losing power for as little as a quarter of a second, and can keep IT equipment unavailable for as little as 15 minutes to many hours.

    Some Important Statistics to Keep in Mind:

* Over 33% of Companies take more than a day to recover.
* 10% of Companies take more than a week to recover.
* It can take 48 hours to reconfigure a Network.
* Days or weeks can be spent re-entering lost data.
* 90% of Companies that experience this type of crisis, didn’t have a survival plan and go out of business within 18 months of this occurrence.

(Source: datacenterjournal website)

MYTH: I have a Generator and Surge Suppressor, so I don’t need a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).

REALITY: Most backup Generators, while addressing power outages, provide little to no protection against other power disturbances. These critical systems can lock up in the 10-30 seconds it takes to switch to the backup power. Remember that Generators can create a harmful power effect when switching between the utility and generator power.

MYTH: My Business is too small to worry about Power Protection.

REALITY: Power surges can happen anywhere, and they are not discriminatory from big to small companies. As a small business, your electrical equipment may be of more value to you as it is critical for the daily operations. Small businesses tend to rely more on their equipment, have fewer replacements, and cannot afford lengthy times without access to this pertinent equipment.

Don’t let Surge Protection be an after thought for you. Be proactive in preventing loss for your electronics, and contact the electronic solutions experts at Moseley Electronics today!

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