Take Back Control of Your Files with myCloud

We utilize a large amount of technology in our everyday lives. Along with all of that technology, the amount of data we increasingly collect is only growing. From HD video, to multi-megapixel photos of our families, to the hundreds of songs we download. So what do we do with all that? For a lot of us, cloud storage has become the only viable option. It allows us to store large amounts of data – and the best part? We can access it from anywhere at any time.

There are a couple downfalls to storing your files on someone one else’s “cloud”. One – that someone else is storing your personal files, two – there are monthly fees associated with that storage, and three – just where does it all go? How secure is it?

What if you could have all of the benefits of cloud storage (i.e. store large files, access from anywhere) and yet ALWAYS know where your data is, access it from anywhere, and never pay a monthly fee? Moseley Electronics has the solution, and you can have it right in the safety of your own home!

Instead of being part of the vast “iCloud” sky, be part of the personal cloud revolution and take back your private documents. With a NAS drive (network attached storage), you take back control.

What are some of the benefits of personal cloud storage?

  • myCloudPrivacy
  • Fast, drag and drop sharing of files
  • Abundant storage (hard drive availability from 2TB – 12TB)
  • No monthly fees
  • Share with multiple devices and family members
  • Access from anywhere with your smartphone, laptop, or tablet
  • Expandable (no more running out of room)
  • RAID-5 Platform ensures your Data is SAFE
  • Access from some Game Systems, Set Top Boxes, SONOS, and some smart TV’s.

And it’s quick and simple to transfer your files from your public cloud accounts to your personal cloud with free, easy-to-use applications.  A NAS drive puts you in complete control of your data.

  • Store photos, video, music, and important files on your secure home network
  • Automatically back up the files from pc or mac securely
  • Upload your photos and videos directly to your NAS drive, right from your smartphone
  • Password protected so only YOU have access to your files

So if you’re like so many of us out there, looking for the best solution to manage the influx of files we amass on a daily basis, we can help! Contact Moseley Electronics online or at 804-379-1348. Our electronics solution experts can recommend and install your home cloud storage device, connect it to your devices – and give you back control.