Can You Hear Me Now? Issues with Poor Cellular Reception

poor cellular reception

Did you know that 72% of cell phone users have experienced dropped calls?  32% of cell phone users say they have encountered this problem several times a week.  (Source:  Pew Research Internet Project).

What Causes a Poor Cell Signal?

There are two main contributing factors of poor cell service.  The first is the distance from the closest tower, and the second is obstacles that can cause interference.

Distance – Cellular carriers provide coverage through a network of intentionally placed cellular towers.  When a customer is within their network, their mobile device will automatically connect to the closest tower, and continue to hop from tower to tower as they travel within their network.  When the customer reaches a point that their cellular device is too far from a network tower, dropped calls will be experienced.

Obstacles – Since a cell signal is passed through the air, every object between the device and the cell tower can cause an amount of interference.  Major obstacles include trees, hills, and mountains to name a few.  Cellular towersOther contributing factors inside the home are building materials, such as metal siding, concrete, bricks, and energy efficient products (i.e. window tinting).

What is a Cell Phone Booster?

This Hi-tech product was developed to help combat the problems of poor reception and dropped calls.  Cell phone boosters are designed to boost a weak signal, and avoid any obstructions by providing a strong signal to a problem area.  The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has approved cell phone boosters to areas that receive poor service in their homes, offices, and commercial buildings.

zboost 545mOur product can cover an area of up to 10,000 square feet.  It uses faster 3G or 4G-LTE performance for multiple and simultaneous users with its high performing dual band signal booster.  It can boost performance on the iPhone, Samsung, Android, and other cellular phones.  The cell phone booster can extend the battery life for your phone since it uses less power because of its stronger indoor signal.  Our cell phone boosters are professionally installed by our factory trained technicians and Made in America.  End your frustration with poor connections and dropped calls.  Get your cell phone booster today!

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