Control All the Lights in Your Home from the Touch of a Button

Lutron Product PhotographyGood lighting can transform a living room, kitchen, bedroom, or backyard into an experience. Lighting sets the mood and allows us to continue our days well into the evening hours. Harsh lighting can be counterproductive. It can make an otherwise clean home, look less than stellar. On the other hand, a well-executed lighting plan can turn your home into a relaxing, peaceful, welcoming space.

Imagine being able to set the mood by adjusting all the lighting in your home with one simplified control system – from a universal remote, or even from your smartphone or tablet. A wireless total lighting control system not only creates an amazing aesthetic environment, it has other benefits as well:

Energy Efficiency – use light only when you need it, reducing energy consumption. Combined with an automated shading system, you can control the amount of natural light in a space and only use electric lighting when necessary. Installing dimmers can reduce energy usage by 20% or more! Adding occupancy sensors can automatically turn on a light in the laundry room upon entry, or as you pull up to your house.  This creates convenience while decreasing your utility bills and extending the life of your bulbs. Learn how much you can save by installing lighting controls with this Energy Calculator from Lutron®.

LutronBedroomTotal Home Control – User friendly control interfaces allow you to control any lighting source throughout your home. From your smartphone, tablet or remote, you can easily dim lights, lower shades or close drapery, and even adjust the temperature of a room!

A Unique Lighting Experience – Create and access custom programmed lighting “moods” that will change the look of your space with the touch of finger. From accenting design features of your home, to preparing to settle in for a movie marathon – a lighting control system allows you the freedom to set a variety of moods for different occasions or times of day.

A safer, smarter home – a well-lit home is a safer home. Not only do lighted path and doorways help us navigate the darkness easier, reducing accidents – but homeowners can program lighting scenarios that will automatically adjust indoor and outdoor lighting when you are away from your home or on vacation, dissuading potential break ins. Most lighting control systems can even be integrated into your security system, providing additional safety and security.

Our electronic solutions experts at Moseley Electronics can work with your home and budget to help design and install a lighting control system that works for your unique needs. For more information or to set up a consultation, contact us online or call us at 804-379-1348.