What is the Best Mount to use for your Flat Panel TV?

Sony wall mounted tvFlat Mount – Keeps your TV close to the wall and hides unsightly cables well.  For rooms where you can see the sides of the television, this provides a crisp, clean look to your TV.

Tilt Mount – This mount does exactly what it says – allows you to tilt your television downward for a better viewing angle.  This is typically used when the TV is mounted high (above a fireplace) and viewers need it adjusted down about 15 degrees for better viewing.  This type of mount will usually sit out from the wall about 4″. tilted tv mount

Swivel Mount –  The swivel mount works well if your TV is hung on a wall where the whole screen isn’t visible, or your seating area is not centered in front of the television.  The swivel mount works well in offices, kitchens, game rooms, and bedrooms due to the flexibility of angling the TV for optimal viewing position.

swivel tv

Depending on your room layout and your viewing needs, you can choose which of these wall mounts might be best for your situation.  Still not sure?  Contact our experts and they can help!