Surf the Waves and the Net

As vacationers find their way to the sand and sun of Hatteras this summer, they will be bringing their electronics and looking to hook up to your WiFi.  Is your house ready and capable of handling the signal?  Let us help increase your WiFi strength by adding access points around your house so they can surf the waves and the net with ease this summer!

There are many natural obstacles in sending WiFi signals including concrete, walls, and the location of the Router in your home.  While people are vacationing, the reality is they will still want to have internet access for various reasons.  Some renters will have to check into their places of work and will need internet and email access.  Some guests will want to access social media to post family vacation pictures, and others will simply want to surf the internet during their downtime. If your family is vacationing with a house full of teenagers, you know it is absolutely IMPERATIVE to have a good signal so they can use their smart phones, tablets and laptops whenever necessary!

Contact our specialists to see if your Router is located in a central place in your home and operating at top speed.  We can also add additional access points to boost WiFi signals.  Make sure to keep your Renters happy so they will return for years to come!