Control Your World with One Remote

What’s the best way to manage all of your electronics with one simple remote control?  Our Theater Master Control System can make your life simple to control in an all-in-one handset.  This is your modern day “universal remote” but it controls so much more!  Control your TV, cable boxes, DVD, CD player, BluRay, media players, lights, window treatments and virtually ANYTHING that runs on a remote.

We believe that the heart of any home theater system is a fully functioning Theater Master Control System.   Many homeowners simply settle for less than optimal performance just to get their system to work.  Tired of unplugging gaming systems or DVD players?  Tired of trying to figure out which remote is for the TV, BluRay or cable?  Stop juggling remotes!  Our theater control system can take the complication out of home theater, audio systems and TV viewing. By automating most of the commands associated with switching from one component to another, we can help make your viewing life easier to control.  We also offer whole house solutions by installing equipment throughout your home and allowing you to control it from one source.

Gone are the days of pointing the remote at the product you wish to control! When used with one of the base stations, the MX-890 remote can operate equipment through walls, cabinet doors, or even from outside. You don’t have to be in the same room as the music player or flat screen, but you can control them entirely. Feel free to move around the house and still be able to control the action. Another perk is that you never have to worry about purchasing batteries!  The MX-890 sits in an attractive tabletop charging cradle, and is always ready for action the moment you pick it up.

We can develop a special program for all of your viewing needs.  A backup file with your personalized home control codes are kept at our office so any replacement and upgrading of equipment is simple and quick.

Life is hard enough. Let us help manage your viewing needs so that you can enjoy the whole experience without the stress of which remote to use. Your world is made simple with Theater Master Control Systems. Contact us online or call us at (804)379-1348 to learn more about controlling your world!

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