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Q:  Is there a way to determine how big of a television to buy for my viewing area, or is it simply a matter of preference?

A:  The general rule is to measure the height of your television in inches, multiply that number by 4, and then divide by 12.  This will give you the suggested distance (in feet) between your television and your seating area. This is only a recommendation, and you should take into consideration the width and height of the room, as well as the seating arrangement.

Q:  Is there a true benefit to having surround sound or soundbars installed with your television?

A:  While televisions have improved visually over the years, the sound quality has not kept up with this trend.  In larger rooms or home theater rooms, surround sound is a great way to obtain the whole experience.  However, in a smaller room, a soundbar (such as the SONOS playbar) would be a great addition to the action!

Q:  What’s the difference between LED and LCD televisions?

A:  That one letter makes a difference.  LED stands for light-emitting diode, and LCD stands for liquid crystal display.  Both of these are high definition TV’s.  The LCD HDTV’s use standard compact fluorescent tubes to illuminate the picture, and LED HDTV’s replace those fluorescent tubes with backlighting technology.  This technology can adjust the picture into clearer images, which is the main difference between the two.  The LED also can be considerably thinner in size (coming in as thin as 0.3 inches) which leads these TV’s to be more expensive.

Q:  What’s the best TV that allows you to link to your smartphone, tablet or laptop via WiFi?

A:  The SONY 4K TV has an abundance of features that will interest the most savvy of tech heads!  It has a built in WiFi that allows you to stream video from your favorite sites like Netflix, YouTube and HuluPlus.  Another great feature is that you can connect to over 300 services SONY has available through your 4K television.  You can play your memories online, or view and share your personal photos in 4K.  SONY also offers Video Unlimited, which is a service allowing you to rent or purchase movies from the largest collection of 4K movies and TV episodes.  Some SONY TV’s allow you to play PlayStation 3 by having games streamed directly to your SONY TV with no console required.

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