Update Your Televisions for Happier Guests

Do you need to update your televisions in your Rental house? Should you add more viewing in the bedrooms for your guests? According to research, one of the top amenities renters look for in a property is newer technology in electronics.

Moseley Electronics is Your Authorized SONY Dealer

We stock a full warehouse that includes all sizes of LCD/LED flat panel televisions as well as mounting solutions.  Find out if the flat mount, tilt mount or swivel mount would be best for your seating area. See More about TV Mounts.

On Demand Streaming Video & Gaming

Give your guests unlimited access to the latest movies and television shows for those nights they want to stay in. Moseley Electronics can seamlessly integrate Apple TV and unlimited Netflix for your guests.  If your guests are into gaming, we can install a gaming jack for easily accessible connections for the gaming devices they will want to play during down time.

Do You Need New Technology?

Check your electronic equipment in your house, and if it’s more than five years old, chances are it’s time to upgrade.  The “box style” TV’s are a thing of the past. Box style TV’s are heavy and take up too much room.  Update to a mounted flat screen which comes with more options and a crisp, clear picture. When your guests come in from the beach, make sure they have the ultimate in entertainment.  Everyone knows Happy Kids + Happy Adults = a Good Vacation!

Let the experts at Moseley Electronics help bring the ultimate experience to your guests. Contact us online or at 252-995-0103 today.

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