Add Technology to your Conference Room

Is your Conference Room in need of an update?  There are many products available that can make your work more efficient!  Here are a few suggestions regarding products your workplace might be missing.

Touchscreen – A touchscreen has media playback, and interactive touch in the LCD display.  It allows you to make changes, highlight information, and be interactive during your meeting.

IDEA Screen – Features an erasable surface, magnetic screen, and a thin frame.  The IDEA screen can be used with a short throw projector as an interactive screen, or as a whiteboard with dry-erase markers.

Projector – A multimedia projector accommodates almost any lighting condition in the home and office.  Projectors can be connected with network capability, and are a good solution for larger conference rooms to show presentations, spreadsheets or video clips to a large group of people. vivatek projector image

Touch Panel Controller – This is a whole Room Control System and it will let you manage a wide range of electronic equipment from one central location.  Control everything from your audio, video, projection, temperature, lighting, screens, blinds, security and communication with a simple touch.

Automated Blinds – Blinds and shades can be controlled via the remote control or from the Touch Panel Controller.

Making the investment in your Conference Room technology can seem like a costly expense.  However, keep in mind this investment in your company will bring more effective meetings, and can have big payoffs in terms of increased productivity, and more efficient group collaborations. A small investment today can make a huge return tomorrow!

Read our upcoming Blogs for more detailed information regarding these products, or contact our Media Specialists to discuss your Technology needs in your office today!