What Can You Do With Today’s URC’s?

TURC MX890 in cradleoday’s Universal Remote is far more advanced than those of the past.  At Moseley Electronics, we like to refer to it as a “Master Theater Control System” since it has so many more features and functions than simply controlling a television, cable box and DVD player.

What Can You Do with it?

Obviously, you can control the television channels and functions of your television, DVD player, BluRay player and cable box.  But did you know you can also control other aspects of your entertainment with the MX-890?

Manage your music in each room according to what music each family member wants to listen to.  You can make selections by artist or by room.  Assign each person’s playlist with a personalized icon!

theater master controller iconsControl More Than Audio/Video

You can also control your house and room lighting via the MX-890.  Tie in your automated lights, like Lutron’s RadioRA2, into your system.  Control the lights and shades according to the time of day or the movie you are watching with the control of a button.

Speaking of control, how about managing your thermostat?  As the day turns to night, visitors arrive, or the action in the movie starts to heat up, make any temperature adjustments you need to from your Master Theater Control System.  Most programmable thermostats, such as Nest, works well with the MX-890.

Through custom integration and programming, all aspects of your home can be managed from one reliable and expandable system.  Contact our Experts today and see how the Master Theater Control System can help automate most all of your needs in your home!

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