Mounting TV’s vs. TV Stands – Which is Better?

Is it better to mount your television to the wall or use a TV stand?  This is a question that we get asked frequently.  There are several things you need to consider when deciding which option is best for you.

Things to Consider

There are Pros and Cons to each option.  When determining your viewing needs for the room in question, consider these factors:

  • Size of the Television
  • Size and layout of the seating area
  • If the television would ever need to be shifted for viewing purposes
  • The chance you would ever change your furniture layout in the room

wall mounted tv in bedroom

Pros for Mounting Your Television

  • Space saver
  • Allows you the ability to use a variety of TV mounts (Flat, Tilt and Swivel).
  • TV’s are less likely to get scratched or damaged by children or pets since they are out of reach.
  • Allows for installation and use of a SONOS playbar which helps magnify the sound in the room.
  • Once you mount your TV, you might opt to add some surround sound speakers to your room.
  • Wall mounting provides more of a focal point to your television, like a piece of art on your wall.  This is an optimal, cleaner look, and it makes the screen the main focal point as all wires are hidden.

Cons for Mounting Your Television

  • Flat panel televisions can be heavy, so make sure the wall mounts are installed properly and in a location suitable for bearing loads of 75 lbs. or more.
  • Since mounting requires the use of hardware, it can cause some superficial damage to the wall and finished surfaces, which may not be suitable for apartment owners, or homeowners who move frequently.

Pros for TV Stands

  • TV stands are easy to move when you want to rearrange the furniture layout in your room or sell your home.
  • Having a TV stand makes it easier to connect additional components since you simply need to plug the exposed equipment into the TV.

Cons for TV Stands

  • Televisions that are placed on stands, as opposed to wall mounted TV’s, can be easily reached by children and pets; which increases the chance of damage or injury.
  • TV on stands with all the attached components can lead to unsightly cords that may be viewable.
  • Stands take up more room since they have to occupy the top of a piece of furniture, which can limit your seating area.

Still Have Questions?

Have more questions regarding the best mounting solution for your television?  It is always a good idea to contact the experts and let them help you properly install your television. The last thing you want is a disaster when installing your new investment! Check out these tips on avoiding disaster while trying to DIY! Allow our experts to help make the right recommendation for you by contacting us at (804)379-1348.

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