Hiding Wires from Your Electronics

We spend a lot of money on our technology and electronics.  We’d much rather have them be the focal point, instead of the unsightly cords and wires that can become a tangled mess and true eye sore! Our experts at Moseley Electronics can help solve this problem and make your cords more manageable and hidden from view.

Hide Wires in Office Computers with TablesHiding Cords from your Viewing Area

When mounting a television to the wall, we will make sure the cords are placed behind the wall so they can’t be seen.  This helps the television become the focal point of the wall…like a piece of art!  All cords from DVD players, BluRay players, gaming systems and cable boxes can be placed out of sight.  One option is to attach cable trays to your entertainment center.  These trays attach towards the back and underside of the entertainment center, and provide a ledge in which to run the home theater cables through.

Hiding Cords from your Workspace

Do you have a rat’s nest of cords at your feet when sitting at your computer?  There is a solution for that as well.  Moseley Electronics offers several solutions that can help keep your work area “tangle free” and get rid of the nest of wires and cords!

Does your home or office have speakers?  Most speakers have wires, and we can hide them from view.  This is a common challenge when setting up your home theater components.  All A/V cables, network cables, and speaker wires can be hidden with proper a cable management plan.

Tips on Managing Wires

There are great solutions available that can help you organize and manage your cords.  Looking to do-it-yourself?  You can use flexible cable sleeves as an inexpensive cable management solution.  These sleeves simply slip over the bundles of connector cables.  This is a great option when grouping and running cables from a central device, like an entertainment center.  You can also run your cables and wires behind baseboards or behind crown molding.  Moseley Electronics has a relationship with trim carpenters and painters if you need assistance with a complicated project that requires these services.  However, in most cases, we can just “fish” wires in the walls.

labeling electrical cordsAnother great tip is to mark your cords with stickers and labels towards the plug end of the cord, so you will know which cord is for the cable box, television, or DVD player.  This makes the process much easier than having to follow the tangled mess of cords to find the correct electronic it belongs to.

Start from the Beginning

The technology solutions experts at Moseley Electronics emphasize building smart, integrated systems with centralized controls, and minimal clutter.  We install and design reliable systems to keep unsightly wires and cords out of sight.  We can help prevent cluttered wires from the very beginning of your process – whether you are building a home, or are currently looking for solutions for your existing rooms and electronics.

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