Upright Vacuums vs. Central Vacuum Systems

Vacuflow filtered cyclonic units What Sucks About Upright Vacuums?

The answer is they really don’t suck much…literally.  In reality, what they do suck up tends to get recirculated back into the atmosphere.  There are many differences between the traditional upright vacuum and the central vacuum system.

What Can You Expect from a Central Vac System?

A Cleaner Home – Since Central Vac units have bigger and more powerful motors than uprights, they can clean deeper down into the carpet.  Central Vacs can grab dirt, dust, pet dander, mites, and allergy causing particles.  This helps to preserve your family’s health, as well as the life of your floors.

A Healthier Home – Many dust and allergens are stirred up when vacuuming. Upright vacuums do not eliminate all of the dust particles like pollen, mold spores and dust mites; thus the “vacuum smell” when the air is recirculated from the carpet, into the vacuum and back into the air.  Since the Central Vac System exhausts outside of the home, it eliminates the chance of having dirty air recycled back into your home.

vacuflo womanA Quieter Home – Upright vacuums are loud and everyone in the house will know you are vacuuming.  Because the motor of the Central Vac is located in the garage or basement, it is much quieter than upright vacuums.  No worries about having to turn up the volume on the television, interrupt a phone conversation, or wake a sleeping child since you can vacuum at any time.  The canisters are much larger than those of the portable vacuums, so you can go longer between emptying the contents.

Easy Management -Upright vacuums heavy and cumbersome. It is often hard to balance the unit when vacuuming the stairs and in places where you have to use the attachments. It’s awkward to lug around such heavy equipment, and then not get good results.  The Central Vac System has an 30 foot hose that attaches to the rooms which has the central vac outlet.  Our units are bagless, so no worries on having to buy replacements before cleaning!

Ability to Multitask – While upright vacuums can just clean your house, a central vac can also clean your vehicles.  Have you ever noticed the vacuums when you go to a car wash?  They are central vacuums!  These offer greater suction power, and the long hose can make it easy to get into every part of a garage, vehicle, boat or RV!

A More Convenient Home – Studies have shown that by adding a Central Vac System, you will increase the value and convenience of your home.   You will also experience a savings in investing in a Central Vac System since they have a life span of nearly 20 years, while upright vacuums usually have an average of 2 1/2 year life span.  By spending less time and money replacing vacuums and parts, you can enjoy the quality and convenience of your Central Vac System.

634097950275782E17Our Products

At Moseley Electronics, we feature VacuFlow Central Vac Systems; however, we can service and order replacement parts for many different types of Central Vac units.

Whether you are looking to build a home and get your Central Vac started from the ground up, or install one into your existing home, we can help!  Central Vac systems can be retrofitted into most existing homes without any cosmetic damage.  Our annual service plan includes a yearly checkup to check suction pressure, clean the motor, change the belts and power head.  When you sign up for our Maintenance Plan, you are eligible for 10% off repairs.  Contact our central vacuum system experts today!

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