The Best Ways to Enjoy Technology Outdoors

With Memorial Day this weekend, everyone is ready to get outside after a long, cold winter.  Here are some of our favorite activities we recommend for this summer and how you can incorporate technology with the great outdoors!

Fun Outdoor Activities

outdoor-movie-nightFamily Movie Night – Take Family Movie night outside!  You can enjoy the evening watching your outdoor SunBrite TV or make your own screen with a big white sheet and projector.  Add your family, friends and popcorn and enjoy your favorite flick under the stars!  Have a pool in the backyard?  Everyone can bring their own float and enjoy a “Dive In” movie while floating in the pool!

Backyard BBQ – This is always a favorite during the summer.  You can enjoy sharing your tunes while serving up the goodies from the grill!  Stream your favorite music to your outdoor speakers so you and your guests can enjoy good music while indulging in good food and conversation.

Yoga – There is no better place to relax than the great outdoors.  Put on your relaxing, meditating music while practicing Yoga by yourself or with your friends.

kids-playing-cornhole-gameFamily Game Night – Have a favorite board game to take outdoors?  Do you like to play a good game of cornhole or hide and seek?  Put your glow necklaces on and move your family game night outdoors.  Adjust your outdoor lighting with your smart phone as needed, and enjoy some fresh air and outdoor bonding time.

Brunch Outside – This is always a great way to enjoy your weekend, by having brunch on your porch, deck or patio.  Use your Coastal Source or Rockustics speakers to enjoy the sounds of summer.

children using laptops outsideWiFi Access Points – We understand that sometimes we just can’t convince our kids to come outside without their electronics.  We can install WiFi access points to your property that will boost your signal and allow you to connect to your internet outdoors.

More Ideas

What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Whatever it is, remember you can incorporate your technology via lighting, music, outdoor speakers, weatherproof televisions and boosting your WiFi.  The electronic solutions experts at Moseley Electronics can help you kick off a great summer by taking technology outside!  Call us at (804)379-1348 or contact us online today.