How to Control Outdoor Lights With Your Phone

imagesOutdoor Lighting is one of the many things that can be controlled by your smart phone.  At Moseley Electronics, our specialists write Apps that can control nearly everything inside and outside your home.  We can customize the Apps to fit your needs, and you can manage all aspects of your outdoor lighting from your smart phone, tablet, or home computer from anywhere in the world.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

There are many different lighting sources that can be controlled by your smart phone.  Outside lighting encompasses task lighting, accent lighting, landscape lighting and ambient lighting. You can control the times each zone comes on and off, and adjust the zones depending on your entertainment needs.  For example, your pool lights and landscaping lights may need to stay on longer than your task or ambient lighting.  With your smart phone, you can adjust the times and zones you want to manage with ease! With automated outdoor lighting, even when you aren’t home, you can control your lights from anywhere with your customized lighting App!

Task Lighting – Lighting that is needed to perform some type of task. Examples include pool lighting, grill lighting and outdoor entertainment areas.

Accent Lighting – Lighting that is used to highlight certain objects with subtle light. Accent lighting can be used to highlight key objects and focal points such as water features, plants and landscaping. Examples of Accent Lights include decks,  post lights, rail lighting, walkways and path lights.

images-1Decorative Lighting – Decorative lighting adds appeal to the object rather than using the light for function. Holiday lighting is a great example of decorative lighting. Decorative lighting can also include highlighting the features of trees, landscaping, pools, fountains, water features, and any other areas in your yard to wish to draw attention to.

Ambient Lighting – Provides an area with overall illumination. This general lighting radiates a comfortable level of brightness, allowing you to walk around safely and see clearly. An example would be flood lights or motion activated lights around entryways and garages.

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