Protecting Your Home While on Vacation

Burglars aren’t typically known for their hard work and dedication. These criminals are looking for the easiest target with the biggest payoff. People that go on vacation make for very easy targets. Here are a few suggestions to make your home a more challenging target and help avoid becoming a victim of burglary while on your next vacation.

What Are Burglars Looking For In a Target?

Our first piece of advice is to make sure burglars can’t easily tell from the street that your home is empty. A dark house with no cars, uncut grass and newspapers piling up on the driveway makes your home an easy target for burglars, who will drive through neighborhoods looking for these signs.

Make Your Home Look Lived In

Have the post office hold your mail, hire a company to cut your grass, install timed lights in your living room and front porch, get neighbors to collect anything that gets delivered, and leave a car in your driveway so it looks like someone is home. Ask your neighbor to pull your trashcan to the curb on collection day. These tips will help your home to look “lived in” while you are away, which will help avoid becoming a burglary victim while on vacation.

Make Your Home a More Challenging Target

Did you know more than 30% of burglars go right in through the front door? Often they are disguised as workmen and come in the middle of the day. If a burglar picks your home out as a target, you need to have strong defenses that will change their mind upon further inspection. We recommend installing deadbolts on all doors, a monitored alarm system and motion sensor lights around your perimeter, all of which make burglary more difficult.

Avoid Social Media Posts

We live in an age of constantly “posting” our activities all the time. Although you might be anxious to post your vacation pictures, wait until you get home to make the posts. Even if you have a neighbor watching your house or a security system, it’s still a good idea not to advertise that your home is vacant and you are hundreds of miles away from it.

Install the #1 Burglary Deterrent on the Market      

According to a University study in North Carolina that interviewed more than 400 actual burglars, video camera systems are the number one way to deter burglars, from their own perspective. Video camera systems capture evidence and could allow a burglar to be caught in the act; which is what burglars want to avoid at all cost.

Install Video Surveillance Cameras

Installing video cameras is a tried and true method for protecting your home against burglars. Not only do video cameras allow you to remotely check in on your home at any time and encourage burglars not to mess with your house; but more importantly, they’ll give you peace of mind.

What Video Camera System Should We Install?

There are a lot of high definition video surveillance systems on the market right now, but we prefer Luma Cameras when it comes to protecting your property. Dome style and Bullet style cameras are popular choices, and both have day and night time viewing, infrared LED’s, 1080p Resolution, and a Lens Range of 2mm-50mm. We offer Analog, IP, and HD-SDI camera systems. HD-SDI systems can upgrade your current analog system to full HD resolution without re-wiring!

Dome Style Home Security Cameras 

Dome cameras are popular for indoor or outdoor weatherproof use in entryways or high traffic areas in your home or business. Luma’s outdoor series are specifically meant for outdoor use and are tamper-resistant.

Bullet Style Cameras to Deter Burglars

Luma’s bullet style cameras are weatherproof, so they are great for mounting outdoors near your entryways, garages or driveways. Burglars keep an especially watchful eye for these devices and many will avoid a home all together if it’s protected by surveillance video cameras.

Anyone can set up a video camera, but it takes a trained professional to actually be able to protect a home with a camera system. Setting up a surveillance system that covers all the possible entry points with the fewest possible cameras is the reason we recommend hiring a professional video camera installer.

Luma Surveillance Video Camera Features

Luma Cameras have motion detectors and digital recorders. Once the camera senses motion the recording starts, and will cut off several seconds after the motion ends. This way, you are not recording dead space. Most cameras will store 4TB-16TB of recorded space before recording over the previously recorded images. You may log onto your online account and view actual time or recorded video from anywhere in the world by using your smart phone or tablet.

The next time you head off for vacation, take some extra steps to make your house look lived in and a more challenging target for the average burglar. Unlike the camera systems you find in big box stores, Luma cameras are professional, commercial grade surveillance systems that are also affordable.

Contact the electronic solution experts at Moseley Electronics to learn more about video surveillance camera systems or to get an estimate for your home or business. We also offer a 3 year warranty and 1st year advance replacement with no questions asked.