Schools Are Online – Is Your Home WiFi Ready to Handle The Bandwidth?

school-kids-onlineIf you have a child in Chesterfield County Schools, it’s a good chance that they are one of the 14,000 middle school students that were outfitted with Google ChromeBooks last year. Yes, you heard that right. 14,000 young minds tapping into the interwebs.

New Devices Equal Less Bandwidth

Additionally, that’s 14,000 additional devices being plugged into your home Wi-Fi network. Thankfully, not all at once! But, if you’re like most of us, your home WiFi bandwidth is already being squeezed with streaming movies, game of thrones binging, online gaming, social media, and adorable kittens. Surely Sally and John researching their history report and other educational resources trumps fantasy football scores.

Today’s classrooms are part virtual, and that communicating with our children’s teachers through their blogs and email has become commonplace. Our children research topics online and engage in educational activities that help to enrich and foster creativity. Chesterfield County’s move to outfit students with ChromeBooks is a good indication that other districts, such as Henrico, Hanover, and Goochland are sure to follow.

Increase Your WiFi Coverage without Paying Monthly Fees


One of the biggest problems in any home is that the wireless routers supplied by our local internet providers have very limited range. This translates to dropped connections, low signal, dead spots, and a lot of frustration for many homeowners. Our electronic solutions specialists at Moseley Electronics can help by installing one or more additional “wireless access points” which will increase your WiFi coverage, allowing you to connect more devices, send more emails, research more art projects, and keep your kids connected to their schools, all while you’re still able to enjoy the latest Netflix addition.

Just a few benefits our WiFi solutions can provide:

  • Allow you connect multiple devices to your WiFi at once
  • They’re Ideal for multimedia, gaming, and high bandwidth consuming applications
  • Provide extra secure access points (i.e. no one stealing your connection)
  • Additional prevention against security hacks (online identity theft)
  • Extended signal reach – so you have a stronger WiFi single throughout your home and property

No need to spend additional fees on your cable or satellite bill every month, contact Moseley Electronics online or at 804-379-1348 and let us help provide the solution that keeps everyone surfing happily.

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