7 Ways to Improve Your Home Theater Experience

We get it. Those flat screen speakers just aren’t doing the trick anymore. You want to bring a real movie going experience right into the living room. How else will the kids fully appreciate those old John Wayne movies?  Tired of only having “better than being at the stadium” experiences at other people’s houses? You can throw new technology at a home theater system all day long, but you have to consider the big picture, so to speak, if you want to take that system to the next level.

Start With the Basics

We recommend that you build a good foundation that includes quality technology, mind-blowing speakers and a beautiful 4k TV or screen. Next, you’ll want to consider those auxiliary features that will drive home an unforgettable entertainment experience, like lighting, seating, a universal remote and other accessories.

Home Theater Technology

When we talk about home theater technology, we’re talking about the items that bring a home theater system together, like the wiring receivers and calibration. Even after you’ve installed all the equipment, you won’t get the full benefits unless a professional calibrates your screen and sound system to get everything perfect.

The Best Sound System

There are many great speaker manufacturers like PSB and Niles, but finding the right speakers for your home can be a bit like Goldilocks and Three Bears. While you certainly don’t want too little, you also don’t want pay for more than you need. There is in fact a science to installing surround sound speakers, but it takes careful consideration to account for not only the size, but also shape of the room, as well as the materials used in furniture, carpet or other factors.

Flat Screens or Projector Screens

It almost goes without saying that a beautiful screen is important, but try to keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better. After all, no one likes sitting in the front row of a movie theater. It’s all about what will fit in your unique space. Your local electronic store clerk probably isn’t equipped to help with this issue, so either do a lot of research and measuring or hire a professional.

Home Theater Lighting

When you think of home theater lighting, people always think of the low-level lights along the wall or on the floor. However, you should also be thinking about the surfaces of furniture and objects in the room. Avoid reflective surfaces wherever possible. Lights can be turned off, but reflections can’t.

soundproof home theater in home cellarwith seats

Theater Seating

Big comfortable chairs are one of the most important features of any home movie going experience. Be thoughtful about choosing comfort and take into consideration how the room will be used. There are so many options out there, and manufactures like United Leather, have complete lines of seating dedicated home theater comfort. Are you going to be throwing parties for all the big games? Or do you want to create a cool space kids and grandkids? Choose the seating that is best for your home theater experience.

The Universal Remote

Are you looking for a remote that can turn down the lights, turn up the volume, and adjust every single electronic device in the room? Or do you just want a remote that you can actually use without getting help from your ten year old son? Getting rid the platoon of remotes is one of the first things most of our customers want, and they want it to be easy. It is possible to have both.

Private home theater with plush seats and popcorn machine


Sure, you’ve got world class technology set up and ready to go, but do you have any idea how cool a little popcorn machine is to an eight-year-old? This is where your personality can really shine through in a home theater system. Connecting an old record player to those amazing new speakers, adding a small bar area, or even just putting up an old movie poster or two can really do wonders in creating an unforgettable movie-watching atmosphere.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Home Theater System

At Moseley Electronics, our home theater specialists have created spaces that have all of these features, and we’ve also designed projects that just focus on the basics. Have you thought about what to do with your home entertainment space yet?

Do you want to feel like you’re in the nosebleeds or on the sideline? How badly do you want to see or feel a ripple of water in your glass when T-Rex takes a step on the big screen in your living room? Even kid’s movies like the “Lion King” look awesome on a big screen.

Metro Richmond comes to Moseley Electronics for the best in custom home theater equipment. They look to us when they want to take their viewing experience to the next level. Is your family ready to have an experience like no other? Contact our custom home theater specialists today!

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