How Do We Choose What We Sell?

Whether it’s televisions, speakers, or central vacuum systems – the products we provide to our customers are exceptional.  Our standards are high at Moseley Electronics, and we don’t sell or install anything we haven’t thoroughly tested ourselves.  We choose our vendors carefully, based on our relationship, their track record, and the performance of their products.  New products come on the market quite often. But before it ends up in your home or office, it goes through an in-depth evaluation and testing process.

Technology Testing

All products are tested extensively in our in-house showroom.  To ensure it also performs well in a real life scenario, we often continue the evaluation process by testing products in the homes of our team members. Once a product has passed our evaluation process, and we like the results, we’ll provide training to our expert technicians.  Additional training is important because it educates them on the different specifications pertaining to the product, and how best to install it.  Only after all our research is completed, and employees trained, will we offer the product to our customers. 

High Quality

Not all products we test will be sold at Moseley Electronics.  Since we stand behind everything we install, we only market the highest quality products to our customers.  If we wouldn’t use it ourselves or have it in our homes, then it’s not going to get our seal of approval.

The Best Technology Available

How do we know what new technology is on the horizon?  Our experts attend CEDIA every year, keep track of advances in the industry, and maintain great relationships with our vendors.  This allows Moseley Electronics to have access to the latest and greatest products in home theater, sound, lighting, networks, and home automation. You can be sure if we are installing or recommending something, we stand behind it 110%.

Have a question regarding a certain product?  See our FAQ’s or Contact our Experts to get answers to your questions.