The Best Home Theater Sound Systems

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Home theater rooms come in all shapes and sizes and, for the most part, no two home theaters are quite the same. Size, shape, furniture, equipment, calibration and a host of other factors impact overall sound quality. The sound system in a large, open living room must be set up very differently than the sound system in a small entertainment-dedicated room.

While most focus on the visual elements of a home theater system, many argue that sound can be just as important to the overall experience. Premium sound quality makes the ordinary feel astounding.

Budgeting for Sound Quality

Getting great sound takes finesse and planning and isn’t something that can be purchased at a retail electronic store. Ask yourself, “How important is sound quality to our family?” Will you be watching the local news and an occasional football game, or are you a family of “cinephiles” that watch motion pictures over-and-over? If your goal is to bring the true movie going experience to your home theater, then you’ll want to devote more of your budget to creating optimal sound. If sound is less important, you may want to put those funds towards a bigger screen, comfortable seating or other auxiliary features.

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Sound Quality and Room Considerations

Considering what features impact sound quality is the first thing to address in setting up a home theater system. Vaulted ceilings, large wooden furniture, marble countertops, balconies, and the general material used in both furniture, rugs, and walls can impact overall sound quality. Seating arrangements are even more important. Knowing just how to position surround sound speakers to avoid pointing directly at your audience is key.

It is important to hire a professional that will recommend the right technology, strategically find the best locations for speakers, and make the appropriate adjustments and calibrations to maximize the sound quality in each room. Homes with a room entirely devoted to entertainment may not need special audio customization in other rooms that have televisions, like a large living room, because you know the real movie watching will happen elsewhere.

Best Audio Equipment Manufacturers

As an authorized dealer to a host of audio equipment manufacturers, Moseley Electronics understands the subtle differences between each manufacturer and can help clients pick the right equipment based on their particular needs and budget of the project. A growing number of requests for outdoor home theater systems has pushed us towards incorporating outdoor speaker manufacturers like Coastal Source into many homes, but the vast majority still want their TV’s inside. While global electronic giants like Sony set the standard for quality and affordability, other lesser known but innovative companies like Sonos are pushing the sound barrier in the field of “Smart Theater Technology,” allowing customers to stream a Pandora account from their phone directly to speakers all over the house.

Regardless of your home, budget or personal entertainment needs, you’ll be much better off consulting with a professional than you will going it alone at one of the big retail stores. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about setting up a home theater or improving sound quality throughout your home.

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