How Much Does a Home Theater Cost?

sony4kprojYou want to create that movie home theater experience in your house for your family and you’d like to know how much it’s going to cost. Because every home theater design and installation is unique, we are going to give you some ballpark estimates on what you can expect for a certain budget. And by the way, we can create your dream theater experience in phases to help you with cash flow. It’s a custom install, so we can create a multi-phase plan.

For each of these, a dedicated space is preferred, but not necessary.  Things that make the project go up or down in price, would be how current the electrical and cable wiring is. So if you were thinking of making a man cave home theater for football season in a tool shed with no wiring, we’d have to first get the place wired up.

The following are just estimated ranges, so you can see what your options are and choose one based on your budget. We, of course, can give you a free estimate for your home theater job based on the customizations that are important to you. We would make recommendations based on products that work well and provide the experience you are looking for.

sonos system$3000- $4500 Range

For this range, we can hang a large SONY 55” screen TV on the wall, install SONOS soundbar and a subwoofer. We can also set up your TV to broadcast Netflix or hulu.

$5500-$7000 Range

For this range, we can hang a 55-65” flat screen TV on the wall, install 5.1 surround sound and integrate a theater master control systems. We can also set up your TV to broadcast Netflix or hulu.

$10,000-$12,000 Range

Are you looking for a dedicated home theater space? This may be the perfect option if your looking to outfit a room completely centered around the home theater experience. It includes a 65″ SONY 4K TV, 5.1 surround sound, upgraded amp, equipment, speakers, and remotely located equipment rack.

$20,000 and up

These projects are highly customized, and usually take place in a dedicated room such as a basement. Considerations include sound and sound wiring, TV size, seating and the renovations that might need to take place for multiple rows of seating, black out options on windows, size of the TV/Screen, type of screen, etc.  This package is quoted using a 4K Projector, Da-Lite Screen, upgraded tower speakers, a total room remote control, and top of the line equipment.

Moseley Electronics is Richmond’s premier custom home theater integration specialists. For a free estimate on a home theater that works for your space and budget, contact us today!

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