Pros and Cons of the Sony 4K Projector

Should I buy a Sony 4K Projector or a 4K Television? The short answer is “it depends.” The truth is that every situation is different, and either option might be the better choice in a particular room, depending on particulars and desired use. If you’re like many of our clients, you’re going to want a projector in the primary theater room and televisions in most of the other rooms, like the living room, bedroom, and guest rooms.

Review of the Sony 4K Projector:

Cons of Projector Systems

With any projector system, you’ll need a receiver and additional sound equipment, which costs extra and is something you don’t need with most television sets. You also need a lot more space for a projector screen than a TV, as well as a suitable site to conveniently mount the projector. If you have a nice big open living room, especially one with vaulted ceilings, there might not be a place to mount a projector system.

Most people are looking for living rooms that have lots of natural light, which isn’t ideal for projectors. You’ll need to be able to control exterior light coming into a room with a projector, whereas televisions don’t have this limitation.

sony VPL-VW665ESPros of Projector Systems

You can get a much bigger viewing area with a projector than you can with a television. Extremely large television screens are a bit unwieldly, while projectors can easily be carried and installed by a single person. Few televisions on the market come bigger than 70 inches, which pales in comparison to Sony 4K projectors, one of which has a 300-inch projection capacity. The quality of large 4K projectors is uncanny, and can’t be duplicated by a television of that size. There’s also an element of fun to running the projector, almost like being in a real movie theater.

Projectors Are Better for Home Theater Rooms

If you’ve got a room that’s set up as a home theater, it makes sense to go with a 4K projector. You’re likely going to have a separate receiver and surround sound system anyway and you’ll be investing in home theater lighting, so you won’t need the sound system that comes with a television or the added benefits of being able to view the screen in a wide variety of lighting conditions.

In a dedicated home theater space, you won’t likely have an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, or large ceiling to floor windows that can prove challenging with projector systems. Most of the cons associated with projector systems don’t really apply in a home theater room.

Televisions Are a Better Choice for the Rest of the House

Most homes probably won’t need more than one home theater room. Families find it’s much easier to have smaller stand alone television sets in the living room, bedrooms, and guest rooms. Wouldn’t you rather have a nice fan and light fixture in those rooms, instead of a projector? This also eliminates the need for special lighting and custom sound systems in every single room throughout the house.

Quality of 4K Televisions and 4K Projectors

Sony 4K Television

You’ll be equally blown away by the image quality of both 4K televisions and 4K Projectors if you haven’t already seen how amazing they are. The 4K viewing experience simply means more pixels, about four times the pixels of the old 1080p sets. It’ll astound your brain the first time you see these sharper images. Careful, you may just forget you’re watching a movie.

The only downside of being an early adopter of 4K technology is that there isn’t a lot of content available yet, but 2016 is shaping up to be “the year of the 4K TV.” While some content is available on Netflix and UltraFlix, more 4K content will be available soon.

Be at the Forefront of 4K Technology

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like having a fun new tech that astounds the guests and leaves them feeling a bit of wonder? If you’re in the market to buy a new television, you’re better off investing in 4K technology, because eventually this is becoming the norm and older televisions are quickly becoming obsolete.

Moseley Electronics is metro Richmond’s premiere SONY dealer. We can offer you pricing and warranties that you won’t be able to find at big box retailers. If you’re having trouble deciding what combination of televisions and projectors would work best in your home, contact us and we will send out a professional technician to help you find the perfect combination of options that fit within your budget.

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