What Will Smart Homes Look Like in the Near Future?

It’s hard to image that a living generation grew up without washing machines, microwaves, air conditioners, dishwashers, and many of the other modern home conveniences that so many of us take for granted today. Likewise, generations being born today will probably be equally amazed to learn that folks got along without robots, the internet, and might be amazed to learn cars didn’t always drive themselves.

Smart Homes Are Here

Smart home devices save energy, time, and make life easier. Right now, about 30% of people in the U.S. are using a smart home device, but this number is expected to increase drastically in the near future. There is serious potential in the smart home market to help people and make life better for those that need help.

Here’s how smart home technology is helping one disabled veteran live more independently:

7 Ways Smart Homes Are Helping People Now

  • Allows many seniors to stay in their home longer
  • Helps someone with a disability live more independently
  • Gives busy career focused people more time
  • Helps parents keep an eye on teens and children
  • Single moms can make coming home to a dark house a thing of the past
  • Helps people save energy and money on bills
  • Makes it easier to monitor your vacation home

So, What Is the Next Generation of Smart Home Going to Look Like?

3D Printers, robots, and intelligent camera systems are going to become far more common place in the near future. The high costs associated with the medical industry are going to push the invention of home medical devices, like scanners and eventually even healing devices. The ability for various smart home devices to communicate with one another, will help unify the smart home industry in the near future and likely bring about a massive push to developing smart home devices.

How Will 3D Printers Improve Life Inside the Home?

One of the first things we’re likely going to see is the introduction of 3D printers in residential homes. Simple household items, the bulk of which are now being made overseas, will be able to be printed with the click of a button in one’s own home. What happens if your spaghetti strainer breaks while making dinner? In the near future, all you’ll have to do is purchase a simple design for a few pennies, click a button on your computer, and voila! You’ll have a replacement in a matter of minutes.

Shopping Will Become More of a Luxury Than a Chore

For all those items like food and laundry detergent that can’t yet be 3D printed, at least not in a manner that we think looks appetizing, the process of replacing those items is already becoming automated. This trend will continue until grocery shopping becomes a thing of the past. In fact, laundry rooms all over the country already have Amazon Tide buttons that automatically reorder detergent when the button is pressed.

What Could a Smart Refrigerator Possibly Do?

Eventually systems will be able to detect when items are running low and reorder them automatically. While this technology isn’t available yet, a smart refrigerator or smart pantry could send out a purchase order that gets delivered directly to your home. This could be set up to need user approval or function independently.

However, when devices start learning your personal preferences, the landscape of modern smart homes is going to really start changing.

Computers that Learn Will Revolutionize the Smart Home Industry

Presently, it’s not particularly difficult to program a computerized device to complete a specific task. It is far more challenging to program a computerized device to learn how to complete unique tasks independently. As this sort of technology become more common place, devices in the home will learn how to adjust their programming to the needs of unique homeowners.

What Will Smart Homes Look Like 100 Years from Now?

What Smart Home Device Could Make Your Life Easier?

As technology improves, so will smart home technology. However, for those living busy lives, those wanting to keep a closer eye on their house, or those in need of a bit of assistance around the house, smart home devices on the market today can provide some much needed aid.

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