Will the Internet of Things Reshape Modern Homes?

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Today more than 6 billion devices are “connected” to the internet. By 2020, the number is expected to reach 20 billion, and the consumer market will make up the bulk of these connected devices.

What Is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is the concept behind giving everyday devices the ability to send and receive data. Basically, it’s two computers communicating with each other, and with or without human intervention. These connections may happen within a closed network, but more often data is sent over the internet.

How Does the Internet of Things Work?

Here’s a great example of how this concept works in the real world. You forgot to close the garage door. The garage door sends an alert to your phone. You hit a button on your phone that closes the door without having to be there.

A Revolution in the American Home

Old Oven from 1950's Black and White.

Old Oven from 1950’s Black and White.

Depending on your age, you, your parents or your grandparents’ likely watched as mass production and low-cost appliances revolutionized the modern American home. Quite suddenly, nearly everyone in the United States could afford a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, modern plumbing, a refrigerator, and many could even afford a car.

Homes Are Becoming More Connected

As a society, we’re on the cusp of a different kind of revolution in the home. This one will be a revolution in connectivity. We’ve all become quite accustomed to having our phones connected to the rest of the world at all times. Connecting various devices in our lives, our homes, and even our cars is a natural progression.

Most people, and especially millennials, aren’t having a difficult time making the connectivity leap with other devices. Most of those concerned about potential privacy issues still feel like the risk is worth the convenience.

The First Wave Is Smart Home Technology

Today, smart home technology is putting people in control of functions and appliances all over the house. Home security and video surveillance is the #1 reason people purchase a smart home system. People like being able to control lights, locks, and check in on the house, pets, or kids from their smartphone.

People are also interested in connecting entertainment rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other rooms. Today, nearly any electronic appliance in your home can be controlled remotely via your cell phone. Visit our website to learn more about setting up ‘smart’ home features in your house.

Convenience Will Be the Focus of the Next Wave of Connectivity

Internet of things computer and smart watch remote control flat icons composition poster abstract isolated vector illustration

Internet of Things computer, phone, and smart watch

Already we’re starting to see the introduction of little helpers around the house. Amazon’s Tide Dash Button is an outstanding example. You place the button somewhere in your laundry room, and all you have to do is hit a button when the detergent starts running low. A replacement will be shipped right to your front door.

The push for convenience is going to continue driving changes in the home and change the way people shop. The stage is set for a massive wave of inventions designed to save people time and/or money, and in fact, new inventions are coming out every day.

Will the Internet of Things Impact Modern Homes?

The Internet of Things is already having a massive impact on tens of millions of homes across the United States. This trend is going to continue changing how modern homes look and function in the very near future. Contact Moseley Electronics to learn more about setting up smart home features in your house.

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