Tips for Picking the Best Home Speaker System

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Life is better with music! The oldest instrument ever discovered was a flute made more than 40,000 years ago, a time when other species of hominids still walked the earth. We can only assume that music dates back even further. It’s a part of who we are as human beings.

Music Brings Families Together

A multitude of studies have proven music positively affects our brains, heart rates, mood, and even memory. But what affect can music have on a family? To find out the answer, the sound masters at Sonos surveyed 30,000 families around the world and brought music into 30 homes.

The results of the Sonos Music Makes It Home Study help prove music has the ability to transform a household and bring a family closer together. Music makes people happier. It makes people love more. And it makes life more fun!

See how introducing music transformed these homes:

The Best Multi-Room Speaker Systems

Multi-room speaker systems are the best way to enjoy music throughout the entire house, especially if you want the whole family to be able to listen together. Whether it’s old records or streaming from an iPhone, getting your music set up on one system is the best way to go.

In our experience, the best multi-room speaker systems, featuring impeccable sound quality, are made by Sonos.  Several product review companies claim that Sonos speakers are superior to others in the market.  “We’ve spent hundreds of hours over several months using six multiroom wireless speaker systems in every possible room and even outside, and we’ve ultimately determined that Sonos is the best multiroom wireless speaker system. It has a class-leading music ecosystem, excellent sound quality, and unparalleled ease of use. Because there is a variety of great-sounding speakers at different price points, just about anyone can get into the Sonos system with room to grow” states Chris Heninonen from The Wirecutter. Whether you’re looking for multi-room speakers, wireless, or playbars, Sonos has you covered!

Multi-Room Speakers Aren’t Just for New Houses

If you’re in the process of building a house or completing a major renovation, it’s definitely easier and less expensive to install built-in speakers during the construction phase. It’s easier to run wires in an unfinished house. However, as long as a power source is easily accessible, wiring speakers to one another is no longer necessary.

Sonos SpeakersWireless multi-room speakers like the ones from Sonos, can be placed throughout a home and communicate with one another without having to be physically connected through wires. These wireless speaker systems are attractive enough to be placed on a table or bookshelf or incorporated into the layout of a room without having to be physically installed in the wall.

Bring Music and Multi-Room Speakers to Your Home

Families that listen to music together have more fun than families that don’t. They also tend to spend more time together and get along better. Is it time to bring a little music into your household?

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