What makes Coastal Source Speakers So Incredible?

Coastal Source Speaker

The secret to outdoor speakers is being heard, not seen. Speakers that can’t be hidden directly, may be able to be hidden in plain sight. A speaker with a sleek and elegant design can blend perfectly into the overall landscape or architecture of your home, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

Outdoor Speaker Installation Strategies

There are a great many strategies for hiding outdoor speakers, but starting with a reliable and high quality product, like Coastal Source, should be top priority. Here are a few key things to look for in an outdoor sound system:

Coastal Source - Audio SystemYour Outdoor Speaker Search Should Start with Sound Quality

Sound quality should be your first concern. Have you ever ridden in a car with blown out or scratchy speakers? The sound of silence is more enjoyable than what you get from poor audio equipment. The quality of sound delivered from Coastal Source surpasses the vast majority of outdoor speakers on the market, because of the way those speakers are engineered and connected to the overall sound system.

Coastal Source Speakers Vs. the Competition

Most outdoor speaker systems rely on an amplifier to boost signal, then attempt to bring the voltage back down as the signal arrives at the speaker. Sound quality is lost in this process. Coastal Source takes a different approach that uses a Direct Drive system that brings strong amplification directly to the source, using less power while delivering clear, crisp sound.

Quality of the Equipment Should Be Your Next Concern

Outdoor speakers need to be tough enough to withstand the weather, tree branches, soccer balls, and any number of things can pose a threat to outdoor speaker equipment. For this reason, it’s important to install speakers that can stand up to the elements and the unforeseen. Coastal Source steps up to that challenge and backs up their claims of toughness with one of the most extensive and inclusive outdoor speaker warranties on the market.

Coastal Source - Rock Speaker

Coastal Source: Where Quality Meets Elegance

Our friends at Coastal Source don’t stop at sound quality or toughness. Their speakers go one step further with sleek, beautiful designs that blend perfectly with an array of landscapes and architecture. Their speakers are compact and designed to disappear in plain sight, so you never even notice they’re there. They even offer speakers disguised as landscape rocks.

Quality, Toughness and Elegance

We are big fans of Coastal Source audio equipment, because their speakers are elegant, reliable, and come with one of the best warranties in the industry. Contact Moseley Electronics to learn more about Coastal Source and outdoor sound systems.

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