Are Integrated Homes Safer?

Clinton Indoor Dome CameraSafety and security are two of the main reasons people consider home automation technology.

Not only can smart home technology help users keep a better eye on their home, but there are a variety of features like smart locks, lights, and cameras that can help make a home more secure.

Home Controls vs. Residential Alarm System

Smart home technology is generally used in conjunction with residential alarm equipment, not as a replacement. Each of these technologies offers unique and specific security benefits, and the two can sometimes be integrated with one another.

Smart home and residential alarms serve very different functions. Home automation gives users remote control over various functions in their home, like locks and lights. Residential alarm systems are meant to detect intruders and call for help when users aren’t available.

Indoor & Outdoor Smart Cameras Improve Security & Deter Criminals

If you want to know what’s going on in your home while you’re not there, integrated smart cameras are a great way to keep an eye on things. Imagine being able to pull up several live video feeds from cameras in and around your home.

A live video can take a lot of guess work out of a situation and an added benefit is the deterring effect cameras can have on would-be burglars.

Never Come Home to a Dark House Again

Home automation technology allows users to control indoor and outdoor lights with their smartphone. Have you ever been standing alone at the front door, fumbling to get the door open with a hand full of mail or groceries? This is a particularly vulnerable moment that many people don’t think twice about.

With a click of a button, users can light up the inside of their home, as well as the path from their car to the front door and avoid a potentially dangerous scenario.

Users can also turn on lights in their house while out to dinner or even while out of town to make the house appear occupied. Furthermore, timers can be set to turn lights on and off at specific times. This may deter a burglar that’s driving around the neighborhood looking for an easy target.

Smart Locks Help Eliminate Rogue Keys to Your House

lutron-ipad-iphone-Smart-Home-AppAside from being able to streamline entry into your home and minimize the time you have to spend fumbling for keys, smart locks have an even more profound security benefit by helping homeowners avoid having to loan out keys. A Smart lock device lets users unlock a door for a person remotely, and then lock the door behind them.

Ever had to leave a key for the maid or a contractor? What’s to stop them from making a copy and then robbing you at some later date? Or a stranger could take note of a key’s hiding spot. Either way, these rogue keys pose significant security threats.

Alerts, Sensors, Garage Doors, and More

Smart home technology is getting better and more advanced all the time, and a wide array of alerts can be set up to help keep your home safer. An alert can warn users that a garage door has been left open, and a feature on their phone can even allow them to close the door with a click of a button.

Other alerts and sensors can warn about water in the basement, smoke in the kitchen, and many other scenarios.

Install Home Control in Your Richmond, Virginia Home

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