If My Residential Contractor Would Have Only Told Me

There’s a saying, “Live and Learn” meaning we learn mostly by living through life’s experiences. imgresSometimes these are good lessons, and sometimes the lessons are hard enough that we won’t soon forget them! Buying a home ranks as one of the most stressful events in someone’s life. However, if you are building this home instead of just purchasing it, your stress level just increased even more!

You Have Options

Although the Builder is working off set plans, you do have some wiggle room to make adjustments.  If the Builder knows in advance that you want a Home Entertainment Room, provisions can be made to not install windows in this room, sound proof the walls, and properly pull the correct wires and cables needed for correct audio, video and lighting.  Home-theater1The Builder would much rather know ahead of time your wishes for each room.  This saves time and money, from having to redo walls and pull wires after installing the sheet rock.

Today’s homes have so many more choices than just where to place cable and phone jacks.  With Total Home Automation as a reality now, you can choose to specialize many different options: from gaming rooms, home theater, and Apps that control indoor and outdoor lighting, cameras, thermostat, audio, fire pits and spas. You can control your entire home without even being there!

Do Your Homework

Understand that your Builder and all Contractors work for you.  It is everyone’s desire that the end result from our labors will give you the product that you want.  Always keep an open line of communication to avoid any errors or set backs in the plans.  Do your homework, and have an idea of what you want in your room design before meeting with the professionals.  They will guide you on options and the image003best way aesthetically to achieve your desired results.

40 Years of Experience

At Moseley Electronics, we have worked with some of RVA’s finest Builders for decades, and they trust our expertise in helping customers achieve their technological dreams.  We meet with our clients and review their building plans to discuss their wishes from the beginning.  Therefore, we can make sure all wires are pulled and allocated to the appropriate rooms based on their desires. When planning ahead, know the use of each room to avoid having to go back and tear down drywall that has already been installed by the Builder. Check out some of our Customer Testimonials to see how we helped install the latest technology in our client’s homes!

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