Is There a Future in Virtual Reality?

images-1In 2016, Virtual Reality is very much on the forefront of technology. Over the years, technology has grown to include such previously unimaginable things such as 3-D printers, 4K televisions, and now virtual reality. Did you know that there are already over 200 companies creating virtual reality hardware and software, worth an estimated $13 billion? This is mindboggling! According to Juniper Research, Oculus, Google and Sony all are expected to spark greater interest in virtual reality technology.

Some virtual reality devices that are already available to the consumer include a headset made by Oculus for Samsung Galaxy smartphones (starting at $99), and the Google Cardboard, which works with any smartphone.

Google cardboard is just what is says…a cardboard viewing box that allows you to connect your smartphone and view the split images through two special lenses, allowing for a 3-D VR effect.  Although the Google cardboard isn’t as high tech as the Oculus Rift, it is impressible considering the fraction of investment.  The Google cardboard is simple, fun and affordable at only $15.00.  images-2

Google also has a View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack which looks very much like the old Mattel “View Finders” you know from your childhood. This Virtual Reality viewer works with smartphones, apps, games, and videos. The View-Master Experience Packs create astonishing virtual reality worlds to explore for only $29.99!

Virtual reality is becoming a reality in today’s technology driven world.  By implementing VR into electronics, it raises the bar on gaming, movies, shows, apps and videos!  The idea of immersing yourself into the world of VR where you can control the action yourself is beyond exciting for the gamer and all techno-enthusiasts!

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