What is CEDIA and Why Do We Go?

expo-logo-2What is CEDIA

CEDIA stands for Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association.  The annual Expo is a global showcase of the largest innovations, connections and experts in the home technology industry. CEDIA holds an annual showcase each year in a selected U.S. city. This year Dallas, Texas is hosting the event, from 9/13-9/17/16.

Why Do We Go

We choose to attend CEDIA every year to learn about the latest and greatest in technology on the horizon, and bring that knowledge of new products and services back to our customers. 2015-show-floor-overviewIn the electronic business, we have residential and commercial customers who benefit greatly from many of the products we see there. CEDIA is also a great place to network and talk with similar business owners so we can share our experiences and advice with each other. We all want the same goals for our customers of providing them with the latest innovative, high quality products. By comparing notes with these industry leaders, we are able to expand our knowledge, training, and provide visionary ideas and products to our customers. CEDIA is a great place for Techies and people who live for the “next best thing” to be unveiled.

In addition to checking out all of the companies on the showroom floor, there are also training opportunities available. Not only do we see live demonstrations of the products, but we also have the chance to learn onsite and receive training firsthand from the experts. Many companies wait until CEDIA to announce their latest product. Sometimes, press releases are available regarding the latest model prior to CEDIA, and other times companies wait until CEDIA to unveil it.  If Moseley Electronics sees a product that we think would benefit our customers in their home or business, we will purchase it and test extensively in our showroom and in our homes to verify the quality of the product before making it available to our customers.

show-site-homepage-header_032316-update-1Think BIG

In 40 years of business, we have seen the technology business grow by leaps and bounds. Products that we never could have conceived of years ago are today’s norm. This proves that by thinking outside of the box allows growth! We are in the age of entire homes being controlled by Apps, weather proof televisions and virtual reality. We can’t wait to see what this year’s CEDIA “Think Big” brings to the table…and to RVA!