Keeping Tabs on Your Kids with Smart Cameras

img_1951When you think about your biggest investments in life, your kids and your home are probably on the top of your list. So why wouldn’t you want to protect both at all times? Good news…YOU CAN! With today’s technology, you can manage your household without even being there.

Luma Surveillance Cameras

Luma HD Surveillance Cameras can be placed indoors or outdoors. Luma provides crystal-clear video in Full HD for capturing all of the finer details. One of the biggest worries parents have is making sure kids get home safely and securely. You can set up specific codes for arrival notifications to be sent directly to you.  For example, when the kids arrive home from school, your smart phone will be notified as soon as they enter the house.

Sense-Up Technology at Night

Remember when your parents would say, “Nothing good happens after midnight”? No worries!  Luma allows for night time video in full color by using Sense-Up technology, even on the darkest of nights. The Sense-Up technology allows the shutter speed to slow down enough so the camera can pick up the slightest traces of light and display a bright image. The built-in OSD joystick and video test port are located directly at the camera for easy fine-tuning adjustments. The Luma 700-series cameras offer up to 40 meters or 130 feet of infrared vision. Night vision infrared helps eliminate over-exposure in dim settings, and evenly illuminates the subject so you won’t miss anything.  These are sturdy cameras, and the 700 Series model even has a heater installed in the camera for continued operation in frigid temperatures.  Luma cameras can keep recording, even in the toughest conditions! Luma cameras are built to withstand the elements and potential vandals.

There’s an App for That

The camera control is simple with the innovative Luma App that can be installed for FREE on your smart phone or tablet.  This App allows you to check on your property anytime, from anywhere.  You can watch a live video feed, easily search, zoom in, playback and save recordings.  You can manage up to 4 cameras simultaneously for playback.

Storage and More

luma-app-the-toronto-tribune-1Luma surveillance cameras have very impressive storage capabilities!  You can also record in 1080p and replay any moment in crystal-clear HD.  Luma surveillance works alongside your home automation system to allow for convenience. Instead of relying on cloud storage, Luma utilizes secured local storage on hard drives, which allows for improved viewing quality that won’t hog your bandwidth. While cloud storage measures recording time in hours and days, Luma recorders can store weeks and months of footage.

Protect What’s Yours

Who wouldn’t want to protect what is most precious to them? By installing and monitoring with Luma Cameras, you can have assurance and piece of mind that your most valuable treasures are safe.

Luma Surveillance works best when installed by skilled professionals.  Want to know more? Contact us online or call our experienced technicians at (804) 379-1348 with any questions!