The Safety and Security of a Well Lit House

With days getting shorter and cooler, no one wants to arrive home to a dark house.  unknownOn the flip side, no one wants to pay to leave lights on all day in order to avoid coming home to a dark house either.  There is a solution!  By installing automatic lighting, you can set your lighting scenes both inside and outside your home.  To see different types of outdoor lighting and their benefits, click here!  Lighting provides practical, aesthetic, security and safety benefits for your property.

Increase Safety and Curb Appeal

Arriving home to your well lit property allows you to safely navigate your way from your vehicle into your house. Did you know, according to U.S. News, that falls are the number one injury in the home? By adding landscape, accent or ambient lighting around your property, you can safely navigate your way without risk of injury to you and your guests. Who wants to drive onto a dark property, navigate your steps in the dark, while fumbling with your keys trying to get the door open? Different automatic outdoor lighting scenes can be set using the RadioRA2. RadioRA2 is a wireless total home control system by Lutron that controls indoor and outdoor lighting, shades, and temperature throughout your home.  Outdoor Lighting is great for safety reasons and adds curb appeal to your property.  You can control your automatic lighting using your car visor control or by accessing the App on your smartphone. Coastal Source makes some of the best quality outdoor lighting on the market today, and their lighting can be integrated into your home’s automation.    5-button-wall

Light Your Pathway

You can program your lights to turn on a lighting scene at dusk to avoid having to try to unlock your door in the dark.  RadioRA2 allows you to program your porch light, walkway lights, landscaping lights and inside lights; allowing for a lit pathway once you enter the home.  If you are away, and want to adjust the time these lights turn on, simply access your account through your smart phone and make the adjustments from anywhere at any time.  You can also access your lights through a remote in your car.

Light your pathway within your home.  If you normally enter through the garage door into your home, you can light your pathway to help guide you from the garage entrance through the designated rooms of your choosing. By having your pathway lit, you will avoid any stumbles or falls inside your home.  Let’s be honest, we all usually have our hands full of items when entering our home, and we also have our path hindered by items left on the floor. Having your pathway automatically lit will help keep your line of vision clear to avoid any accidents.

Voice Activated Lighting Control

Look Mom, no hands! Amazon Integration is a new feature that allows you to directly control your RadioRA2 system using your voice.  You can set scenes within your home for different times of the day and night.  With Amazon’s Alexa, there is no need to press any buttons to adjust your lighting scenes, just simply say, “Alexa, turn on Dining.”  amazon-deviceIf you decide to edit any of your lighting scenes for Alexa, you can do this directly within the Lutron Connect app. This means that you can still get total control of your lights through RadioRA2. By integrating Alexa with Lutron’s RadioRA2, you can utilize these functions simply by using your voice to control your lights.  On a side note, these products also allow for you to voice control audio, televisions, SONOS, automatic shades, and Nest thermostats.  Total home automation is easier than ever now…and hands free!

Light Up Your Life

In addition to the safety and the convenience of not having to walk all over your house to turn lights on and off each night, automatic lighting control for your home is a great attribute!  If you forget to check the downstairs lights before going to bed, you can simply tell Alexa “Bedtime lights” and the bedtime lighting scene will be activated. Who wouldn’t want this added convenience and safety feature for their home?

Find out more about automated lighting with RadioRA2, Coastal Source and Amazon’s Echo Alexa.  Contact our experts online or at 804-379-1348 to inquire about integrating lighting control into your home!