Full Swing Golf Simulator

Winter is coming, that’s a fact.  Even though we are still having unusually warm days, the experts are predicting a cold winter.  Why not spend that time working on your golf game? Full Swing delivers the ultimate indoor golf experience.  Imagine a fully operational golf simulator inside your home or business for practice, events, team building, family fun, or just to shave a few strokes off your game! images-3

What is the Full Swing Simulator

Since it’s inception in 1986, Full Swing has installed over 5,000 simulators in over 60 countries. The simulator can fit into a relatively small space, but the selected space needs to have room for a giant screen, commercial grade projector, and the synthetic grass mat.

Use your own golf balls and clubs this winter on the the most realistic and accurate indoor golfing experience in the industry.

How it Works

5FSG has patented dual tracking technology.  Their technology tracks the movement of the ball and can immediately display the shot’s path and trajectory in real time, with absolutely NO DELAY in ball flight.  The infrared lightwave technology can accurately measure the speed of the ball, as well as the launch angle, and direction of the ball.  The high speed camera technology measures the ball spin and club head data.

FSG will give you data on the total distance your ball traveled, the carry distance, ball mph, launch, smash, spin rate, spin axis, how many feet to target, deviation and dispersion. Basically, you can work the ball exactly as you would in an outdoor course, practice your draws and fades, and compare ball tracers to perfect your ball flight.  You can also check your Swing Analysis since the pad can check your balance and weight transfer on your swing.


unknown-6How’d you like to spend the next snow storm taking in the views at Pebble Beach or playing a round at St. Andrews? FSG has 93 championship courses and 36 different modes of play.  You can compete online against players worldwide using real time daylight scenarios, multiple camera angles, and customizable weather and course conditions.

Imagine saving your hard earned money to travel to your favorite golf course that you’ve always dreamed of playing.  When you arrive on your specified dates, the weather has not cooperated, and it’s pouring rain.  Your “once in a lifetime” trip is now ruined.  With the FSG Simulator, you never have to worry about the weather, since you are always guaranteed a programable sunny day on your choice of some of the world’s best 93 courses!

Residential and Commercial

Many hotels, retailers, clubhouses, commercial developments and luxury resorts have a FSG simulator installed in their facilities. Some of PGA’s top players endorse FSG, and they also have it installed in their personal homes. Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, Hunter Mahan, Bill Haas, are some of the many Professional Golfers who recommend the FSG.

Professional Golfer, Jordan Spieth actually prepared for the the British Open and the 2016 U.S. Open using his FSG Simulator at home. While it’s not exactly like being there in person, Spieth is able to get a sense for what each hole looks like, so he’s not seeing it for the first time when playing in a Tournament.

full-swing4-picr1Family Fun

The family can also enjoy sharing fun times using the FSG Simulator for more than just playing golf. You can have family movie night on the big screen, play video games, watch sports, get a swing analysis, or challenge friends to a longest drive competition!

FSG can be connected with your DVR, DVD, BluRay, XBOX, PlayStation or Wii. This is a great interactive way to bring the family together and have fun!

Still have questions about the Full Swing Golf Simulator?  Contact us or check out some of these frequently asked questions.  Our Experts can install a FSG Simulator into your home or business today. Contact our Experts at (804)379-1348 for more information.