12 Days of Christmas Gifts to Tech Your Halls

christmas-tech-840x560Too early to give you the countdown days until Christmas?  Needless to say, the Holidays are right around the corner.  Go into almost any store now, and the decorations have been out since Back-to-School. Have people on your list that are hard to buy for?  Here are some suggestions of great gadgets that most anyone would love to find under their tree this year.

technology gifts

Best Gadgets to Find Under the Tree

Oculus Rift – If Virtual Reality is your thing, then this is a must have. You aren’t just watching the game being played anymore, YOU ARE THE GAME!

unknownView-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack – Channeling the good old days with the View-Master, but this one takes it to a whole new level.  Attach the View-Master to your Samsung phone and experience a new Virtual Reality!

Amazon’s Alexa & Dots – Amazon’s “Alexa” is voice controlled and can be integrated with your home to play music from your playlist, control your lights, audio, video, thermostat, and can even help with just about any question you may have.  amazon-deviceYou can also get the Dots which can be placed in different rooms.  This is THE HOT gift this year!

Samsung’s Family Hub Fridge – The age of the Jetson’s is now upon us!  This futuristic refrigerator does about everything except fix your dinner.  At the store and forget whether you need eggs and milk?  Just pull up your App and check inside to see for yourself.  This fridge has “innerview” cameras that allow you to see what is inside.  Lots of other cool features with this product (pun intended).

Auto Pet Treat Dispenser – App controlled device, Petzi, allows you to see and talk to your pet, as well as dispense treats while you are away.  You can also take pictures of your little darling via the webcam. A great gift for those who have true separation anxiety!31ox1rebal

Evenflo Baby Car Seat – This car seat makes sure you won’t forget your most valuable possession.  Once you arrive at your destination, the SensorSafe Technology generates a series of tones that are activated through a smart chest clip and wireless receiver.  It will also alert you if the chest belt becomes unhooked.

Sony Z-Series TV – Z-Series is a game changer.  Hands down the best quality TV on the market.  Vivid colors and new backlight master drive is currently unmatched by any competitor. Be prepared to drop a bundle though…Santa’s elves worked overtime on this, and the price is steep!

SONOS – SONOS has a lot to offer in the way of gifts.  Play:3, Play:5, Subs, Playbars…there are a lot of options here.  Just know that if you are looking for better sound, SONOS has you covered.MoseleySonosSystem

Sunbrite TV – What’s better than watching TV?  How about watching TV outside?  SunBrite has a new line of outdoor televisions that will have you asking yourself, “Why not?”

Coastal Source – Great products for outdoor lighting and audio.  Whether it’s landscape, waterfront or architectural lighting, their amazing warranty and high quality products makes a wonderful gift!

Sony Projector – SONY produced the first 4K projector on the market. It is a true 4K, in that it both accepts and processes 4K content. You will never want to leave your home theater room after getting this!unknown-2

Stewart Filmscreen – See what happens when dark meets light.  Stewart has developed the next generation 16K+ HDR-ready screen technology. This screen is able to deliver exceptional viewing experience at daytime or nighttime!

Technology is always changing, but these companies remain at the top of their game.  See more in depth information about some of these products on our CEDIA 2016 Product Review Blog.

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technology gifts