Tech That Makes Entertaining Easier

From Thanksgiving through Super Bowl Sunday, there are many parties, dinners and gatherings in homes everywhere.  RadioRA2 ControllerWhile the Holidays are a great time for celebrating with family and friends, the reality of hosting a group at your own home can be stressful.  Here’s some tech suggestions for making your entertaining easier.

Best Holiday Entertainment Technology

Lighting Control – This is something that will make your life easier both inside and outside the home.  RadioRA2 is a system that can be integrated into your home to control your indoor and outdoor lighting. When the party is moving from room to room, you can adjust your lighting from the bright kitchen light, to the dimming lights of the dining room or living room. By having your lighting control at your fingertips, you can enjoy your party without having to bypass your guests to find your light switches during your event. This time of year it’s great to have your Christmas lights both inside and outside the house programmed during certain hours.  This eliminates having to run outside during the cold and rainy weather to plug in your lights, and also allows you to come home to a well-lit, festive home!sonos system

Music ControlSONOS can allow you to control your music from room to room, and you can choose to play the same music throughout the house, or adjust the playlist based on the rooms you are using. The SONOS App makes it easy to control your music by having everything at the touch of a finger. Whatever your music taste, SONOS has you covered with their top of the line Speakers, Amps, Connectors and Subs!

ThermostatNest imageAs the crowd grows bigger, the house temperature may need to be adjusted.  Having an automatic thermostat, like Nest will allow you to make adjustments from an App, so you can control the temperature without leaving the conversation of your guests. For example, you can program your thermostat to start with a warm house to greet your guests coming in from the cold. As the night progresses, the thermostat can adjust to a cooler setting when the room temperature gets too warm.

Alexaamazon-deviceThis voice controlled device allows you to control lights, audio, televisions, thermostat, and a whole host of other impressive features with spoken commands. Alexa helps manage your life as she can report on weather, traffic, your shopping list, calendar, alarms and many other features.  Alexa is a good crowd conversation piece for you to show off at your next gathering!

Make Life Easier with Home Automation

Whether you are in preparation for a festive gathering, or looking to make your daily life easier with automation; these products are a great way to integrate technology into your home. Let our experts show you how easy it is to incorporate automated technology and enjoy “easy living” by contacting us online or calling us at (804) 379-1348 today!