What Will Smart Homes Look Like in 2025 and Beyond?

Smart Home ConceptMost experts agree that the futuristic home, will look like the Jetson’s with robots, talking appliances, and voice automation. While these homes may look different and have integrated products, they will also get back to the basics using the mindset of “what’s old becomes new again.” Future homes will run off of solar power, wind turbines and water catchment systems. You will be able to grow your own food in gardens, on roof tops and balconies. We will be able to use our garbage to make fuel for certain things, and 3D printers will create most anything we need. Predictions are that people’s homes will go vertical, and construction will move upwards as land becomes more and more scarce. Smart Building Concept

Newest Technology

Today we have technology that we never could have imagined decades ago.  We have drones making deliveries, refrigerators that tell you what’s inside, and self-driving cars. What does the Technology of Tomorrow look like?

Implantable Cell Phones – Some predict implantable cell phones will happen by the year 2025. The implantable cell phone will also feature a chip under your skin that can detect any medical ailments you may have. This will prove interesting for those in the medical field, to either confirm and disprove the diagnosis of the “smart chip.”

Light up Flooring – There will be light up flooring and furniture for your home. Some businesses are already using the light up carpeting as advertisement for their customers.  By having light up furniture and flooring in your home, it will help safely guide you around your home in the darkening hours.

Fingerprint Locks – You’ve seen this in many James Bond movies over the years, and now fingerprint security is upon us. Bluetooth-enabled smart locks have been around, and now fingerprint readers take it one step further. These can be used in the home or in a corporate setting where your fingerprint gains you guaranteed restricted access. By installing a fingerprint lock in your home, you don’t have to worry about where you misplaced your keys and how to lock your door. You can also place locks on restricted places inside your home, such as your wine cellar. 

Smart Windows –  Smart Glass turns from translucent to opaque with the touch of a button or a turn of a switch. Turning the opaque screen on and off will help reduce the heating and cooling costs in your home and can eliminate the need for window shades and curtains.

Robots – Perhaps one of the most anticipated predictions is making “Rosie” from “The Jetson’s” a reality in homes.  Robots will be able to do your cooking, cleaning and some home maintenance. This sounds like a dream!

A Futuristic Age

Smart Home with Virtual Reality

What exactly will the Smart Home look like in 2025? The appearance and exact features can be debatable, but one thing for certain is technology continues to move forward on a fast pace. Tasks can already be controlled by your fingertips or voice. When the first computer came out, some people were resistant. But exactly how many typewriters do you see in use today?  Evolution of technology is imminent. Make sure you can understand and use today’s technology as it will certainly make your life easier and free up time for more important things.

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The Evolution of a Smart Home