Are You Still Struggling to Install that New Tech Gift from Christmas?

Smart Home Gadgets

The Struggle is Real

Did you receive some new gadgets for Christmas and are still struggling to install them? Everyone loves technology because it’s supposed to make life easier…except for that whole installation issue.  Sometimes the headache of setting up new electronics may cause you to put it back in the box and set it aside in frustration. We can help!  If you are unsure of how to set up or use your new gadget, Moseley Electronics can be your helping hand!  Our team of technicians have a combined total of 130 years experience in installing new technology.

We Can Install

Don’t DIY (Do It Yourself)…have Moseley Electronics install it! We can install your television, consolidate all of your remotes into one universal remote control, integrate tasks in your home for automatic control, write apps to control your lighting, shades, lawn sprinklers, music, televisions and much more! Whether the task is as big as installing a Home Theater room in your home, or as small as programming some electronics for you, Moseley Electronics will have you covered. It’s better to hire an expert in the industry than to try and DIY it yourself and risk the chance of ruining your electronic, and possibly damaging part of your home (see image).

Stop the Struggle

Allow us to ease the stress of having to install and set up your electronics, so you can simply enjoy them. Find out some of the services we provide to our residential customers. Our technicians are available to help with design, service, and installation for your home or business.  Stop the struggle!  Contact our experts at +1 (804) 379-1348 or click here to let us help fix your technology dilemmas, so you can enjoy your new electronics.

Stop Struggling with Smart Home Installations. Call Moseley Electronics!