How to Throw the Best Party for Super Bowl LI

Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots. Throwing a great Superbowl part!Score Big!

We are days away from Super Bowl LI! To have a successful gathering, there are some essentials you need to make sure you have. Here’s a guide for throwing a great party that will rank better than the winning team and best commercial of the night.

Essentials for Super Bowl LI

Team Gear – All of your guests should come sporting their team gear.  If your team isn’t playing in the Super Bowl, you can opt to wear the colors of the team you are rooting for, or your favorite football team jersey.  But this is all about football, so come dressed accordingly!

Sony 4k Ultra HD Smart TV4K TV – There is nothing like watching sports on a large television that has a crisp, clear colorful 4K picture! Make sure you aren’t inviting friends over to huddle around your old boxy analog tv.  This is a good time to purchase a new television, as a lot of the prices are better now for certain models than they were on Black Friday.  SONY has some of the best televisions on the market today to watch the live action! After many years, television has really changed how we watch football. Watching the Super Bowl is all about the viewing and sound experience…which brings us to the next point.

SONOS PlaybarA sound bar is a must!  Most televisions have advanced when it comes to improving the pictures, but the sound has not been by a priority.  Sonos Wireless Playbard - Wireless TV Sound BarThe speakers on most TV’s are not enough to boost out the sound you need. By adding a sound bar, you will be able to hear every hit and call made during the game.  And let’s not forget the commercials, which everyone looks forward to seeing and hearing!

Pre-Game FunAs guests start arriving, it’s a good idea to have some type of entertainment available.  You can have your Madden 17 set up and ready for players to compete. you can also have Super Bowl Squares for those people who are feeling lucky enough to participate in a Super Bowl Pool. People always tend to get more excited and into the game and score when they feel like they have something “invested” in it.  After all, who doesn’t mind going home with a little extra cash?

Food – This goes without saying that this is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of a Super Bowl Party! Superbowl Party - Sandwich StadiumEveryone looks forward to the food and how it’s displayed. This is the time of the year to bring out the sports themed food and favorites among the fans! There are many websites with wonderful, mouth watering ideas of what to serve to your hungry guests. (Warning: do not view these sites on an empty stomach as you will regret it!). Here’s a great site to view foods and get recipes! Remember: well fed guests are happy guests! Since you are the host, have everyone bring their own dish to share; that way you can almost be assured you will have enough food.

During the Game Fun – You can have your guests fill out this survey when they arrive and by the end of the game, the person with the most correct answers wins a prize!

Lighting – Adjust your lighting as needed for the viewing room, kitchen and other rooms as your guests move about and mingle during the evening. RadioRA2 allows for you to adjust lighting in each room controlled via an App so you don’t have to push past people to find the light switch. The Ultimate Man Cave - Seating Is Crucial

Seating – Once you have a head count, you can get your seating in order.  Most of the time, chairs have to be brought in from other rooms. If you are fortunate enough to have a theater room, your seats will be more than comfortable enough for your guests. If you don’t have enough chairs, floor pillows are always a great option. Most of the time, some spectators are camped in front of the television, and others will be hanging out near the food!

It’s a Win!

Whether your “goal” is to watch your team win on a new big screen, have your lights controlled via an App, or install theater seating, we can help! Contact us at (804)379-1348 or visit us online to schedule an appointment.