Fun SONOS Features You Might Not Have Known

Everyone agrees that SONOS is the way to go when having a great sound system added to your home. This unique system can be built upon by adding speakers and amps in different rooms to bring together a wonderful listening experience! But were you aware there are other great uses for SONOS?

Fun SONOS Features:

Local Sports – Did you know that you can get your sports information on your SONOS? For instance, if you are a huge Tampa Bay fan, but live in Virginia, you can use this hack. Turn on the local sports radio station for your favorite team on the PLAYBAR from the SONOS App (TuneIn Radio). Next, tune into the game on the TV while enjoying commentary from your favorite hometown announcer. It’s just like being there!

Right Swipe – The new PLAY:5 has the swipe functionality built into it. Simply tap the top of the speaker and swipe right to skip to the next track, or left to listen to the previous track again. It’s a quick and easy way to get to the song that you want to hear.

Enjoy Family Time from Loved Ones – If you have grandparents that live far away, you can use Garage Band or another audio recording program (recorded in MP3) and have them record a nighttime story or sing a song to your kids. You can sync the file to your iTunes or media library, and then load it on your SONOS (you can use the “On this iPhone/Device” feature). There is nothing that says “love” like hearing the sound of grandparents reading stories to their grandchildren!

Spin Tunes Old School StyleDid you know you can pull out your old vinyls, dust them off and play them using SONOS? Take a look at this website to see how to spin your vinyl tunes and enjoy the sounds on SONOS. The sound is great and the feeling of nostalgia is one in a million!

Alarm Clock – Wake up to the sounds of SONOS! You can use your SONOS as an alarm clock…of course, be thoughtful on your song choices, since some soothing favorites might just keep you in bed. Better go for some Hard Rock or Pop songs that make you want to get up and start your day by dancing!

Everything Smart – Since everything is “Smart” these days, you can now control your SONOS using your Smartwatch. The convenience of controlling your whole house music from your wrist, makes you feel like a true James Bond character with your high tech gadget.

Sounds of SONOS

There are many uses of SONOS and how you can incorporate the sounds and functions into your daily life. Your entire family can enjoy the benefits of such a versatile product. If you would like to know more about SONOS and its features, contact our Experts online or call us at (804)379-1348. Get some SONOS in your life!

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