How to Select the Best Landscape Lighting for a Richmond Yard

Watch any HGTV Show and you hear the term “curb appeal”. People want their house to look great from the street during the day and also at night time. Landscape lighting lends itself to providing a nice aesthetic to your property, and lighting is also needed for safety purposes as well. Garden lights are used to highlight certain features on your house and property that you want to draw attention to such as trees, gardens, water features, paths and walkways. Check out this overview about the differences between architectural lighting and landscape lighting to help you determine which type of lighting you will need for your yard.

Types of Garden Lighting

Garden lighting accents your landscape areas and certain yard features you wish to highlight. If you like to entertain outside after hours, you can use different types of lighting to enhance your outdoor entertaining area. There are many unique lighting ideas for your outdoor space.

Solar lighting – Solar powered lights operate with rechargeable batteries that absorb sunlight during the daytime hours (which charges their batteries) and powers the bulbs at night. These lights last up to about 10,000 hours, which is about 2 years. Solar lights are a good option if you want to light up your garden without increasing your power bill.

Hanging Lights – Can be placed in trees, on decks or porches. This downlighting can illuminate a large area of your garden and should be installed at an elevated location to provide the proper effect.

Spotlights – Spotlights can be placed in the ground, and have a single bulb which helps direct the light beam upwards toward a particular plant or feature in your landscape.

TorchesTorches come in wood or steel, and are a great feature for themed events and can be lit with fire or electricity, and they even have citronella to help deter the pesky insects.

Lanterns – Lanterns add light and look great placed on benches, poolside or on tables for ambiance while conversing.

Ceiling Lights – These lights can be from a fan or fixture installed on your porch or deck, and are usually positioned over a table or seating area.

Deck and Step Lights – To provide safety and avoid trips and falls, it is a good idea to install lighting that can be recessed into your deck, steps or along a retaining wall.

Rope Lighting – For a subtle, yet fun, lighting element in your garden, add some rope lighting under the lip of your deck or around a pool area.

Fire Pits – Fire pits are very popular as gathering places to enjoy conversing and roasting marshmallows. They also provide a lot of light to your entertaining area.

Best Recommended Brand of Outdoor Lighting

We recommend Coastal Source for your Outdoor Lighting needs. Their products are made here in the USA and have the best warranty on the market today. Coastal Source has many different styles and finishes available, and features the finest in architectural lighting. Many of these fixtures have a solid brass construction, coupled with nickel plated brass sockets, marine tinned wire with soldered connections that help create a fixture that will last a lifetime. The finishes will patina over time, which creates a beautiful weathered look that also protects the fixture.

Light Up Outdoors

Ready to spruce up your outdoor entertainment space and add some light to it? Let us help light up your outdoors with the best style of Garden lights for your property. We can help you decide which type of lights would be best for your area and the proper placement. Moseley Electronics can also help with lighting control allowing you to control your outdoor lighting with your smart phone. Call us at (804) 379-1348 or visit us online to schedule your lighting appointment today!