Unique Outdoor Lighting Options for Decks and Patios

Let’s be honest…most people use their decks and patios, during evening hours. This is due to the fact that evening hours bring cooler temperatures and most people are home from work and activities by then. Families move to the outdoors to grill, eat dinner, and expand their entertaining area. Along with good music, and an outdoor weatherproof television, you’ll want to make sure your lighting offers the best look for the space. The last thing you want is a yard full of people blinded by flood lights. You’ll want your lighting to be a little more subtle and task oriented. While there are the obvious types of lighting needed, there are also some unique lighting options you can consider.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights can be placed in the ceiling of your deck to highlight certain features. Recessed lighting can also be installed into your steps to provide lighting for safe footing in dark hours. These lights come in different shapes and sizes and can be placed under railings, or most anywhere you want some recessed lighting.


Sconces are a great addition to any space and they come in a variety of designs. Mostly, sconces are placed near doorways; however, you can place them along different posts in intervals around your deck or patio. Sconce lights can be electric or solar powered, and add a nice lighting at eye level for your guests.

Solar Powered Lights

Solar powered lights are popular to add a touch of light on certain areas. These lights do not provide as bright a light as LED’s, but they are available at a lower cost. Since the solar lights are powered from the sun during the day, they store that energy, and during dark hours can provide illumination. There are several creative ways people use solar lights for their decks and patios. One option is to make a hanging chandelier using solar stake lights in place of the wired candles. Another option is to attach the solar stake lights along some of the railing of the deck to provide lighting at intervals. This is simple to do and gives a nice addition to your outdoor space.

String Lights

String lights are a popular way to express your creativity in your outdoor space. String lights come in a large variety of shapes and patterns. You can have themed string lights especially for your summer luau, or stick to plain white globe lights. The possibilities are limitless! Just string your favorite ones across the top of tables or a patio for extra ambiance. 


Lanterns can be battery powered, solar powered, or lit by candle. There are also creative ways you can use lanterns and place them around your area for a warm glow around conversation areas. Fill them with mini battery powered lights, candles or electrical lights. It adds some illumination and great conversation pieces to tables, benches, poolside or even walkways and stairs.

Light Up the Night

As you take your entertainment outside, make sure you have your lighting planned. By knowing the areas of your yard you want to highlight, you will be able to choose which lighting would be best for the planned activities. Whether you are choosing recessed lighting, sconces, solar powered lights, string lights or lanterns you can achieve creative and unique lighting options for your guests to enjoy.

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