Richmonders Have Fallen in Love With Smart Home Lighting

Smart Homes are no longer a thing of the future…they’re here now. Many features can be integrated into a Smart Home to make daily tasks easier. One of the most popular features is automated lighting.

Imagine having the ability to control lights inside and outside your home with the touch of a button (or voice).

Is Your RVA Home Smart?

How smart is your home? Many Richmond homeowners have been put off by home automation because they think it will be too complex. While the software behind the functions is sophisticated, it’s quite simple to operate. Controlling smart home devices has never been easier!

Why Richmonders Love Automated Lighting Control

Smart Lights for Safety and Security

Lights are a great way to increase security on your property. If you’re unsure if you remembered to turn off certain lights in your home, or if you want to make sure you aren’t going to arrive to a dark house, you can pull out your smart phone and check your app. Everyone wants peace of mind, and the safety and security of a well-lit house can help ease your mind. 

Automated Lighting for Vacation

Vacation should be a fun time and should not be stressful. With lighting control you can put your worries aside and enjoy your vacation. By having your lights on a timer and set for different scenes while you’re away, you can be sure your home and property will have the appearance of people in their daily routines. After all, a porch light on for a week straight is a dead giveaway that your house is vacant.

Smart Lighting Offers Convenience

Convenience at your fingertips…or the tip of your tongue! You can control your lights via an app on your smartphone or by speaking to Amazon’s Echo Dot. Either way, you don’t have to fumble your way to a light switch to cast light on the tasks or features you want to emphasize. Another convenient option is Occupancy Sensing Lights that detects motion in certain rooms, and will turn lights on or off when motion is detected.

Smart Lights Can Provide Curb Appeal

Richmonders want their property to have curb appeal and look great from the street. Highlight your home, landscaping and other architectural features with lights. If you want different zones to control different features, you can set house lights, tree uplighting and landscaping lights to be on a different timer than your pathway and walkway lights.

Lighting Controls Made Easy

Controlling smart home lights has never been easier! Your smart light system can be controlled via a keypad, remote controller, app on your smartphone, or by talking to Amazon’s Echo Dot. If you normally set lights to come on at certain times, but during the day your plans change, simply pull out your smart phone and make the appropriate adjustments. It’s that easy!

Ready to Turn Your RVA home into a Smart Home?

Updating your home into a Smart Home is easier than you think and can add resale value. Moseley Electronics can help you determine the best lighting controls for your needs.

Have questions about setting up smart home lighting in Richmond, VA? Contact our smart home specialists, or call us at (804) 379-1348 to schedule a consultation today.