Where to Find the Best Smart Home Tech in Richmond?

With all signs pointing towards consumers wanting a Smart Home, one wonders where to purchase these products in Richmond, VA? There are several options to consider in deciding which is best for you.

You can purchase your smart home products from any of the following:

  • Big-Box-Outlet-Stores (like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Costco)
  • Online (Amazon, etc.)
  • Custom Electronics Company (like us – Moseley Electronics)

Business Insider reported that only 30% of U.S. households know where to buy smart home products or services.

The Big-Box-Outlet-Stores

Are there Benefits to Buying Smart Home Devices at a Store?

Shoppers at a Big Retail StoreBox stores are great if you want to purchase a multitude of things from one location. However, the saying “Jack of all trades, but Master of none” comes to mind when dealing with such stores.

When a store’s inventory is so broad, the associates simply cannot be an expert of all the products in the store.

Some people are funny about buying their bread, clothes, car oil and televisions all in the same store, and prefer to purchase their electronics from a more specialized retailer.

Is Smart Home Tech from Big-Box-Retailers Less Expensive?

Generally, box stores are viewed as having inexpensive prices for electronics. However, the reality is that certain companies like Sony, have unilateral pricing for their products. This means if you purchase a TV from Wal-Mart, Best Buy or Moseley Electronics, you will pay the same price across the board.

Making Sure All Your Smart Home Tech Integrates Together

In dealing with big ticket items like electronics, you want to make sure to get your questions answered thoroughly before leaving the store. Speak with the sales associate and find out the functions of the product and how to integrate it into your Smart Home.

Does The Item Have a Warranty?

Another good piece of advice is to check to see if there are any warranties with the product or product installation. Most big box stores only offer a 30 day installation warranty. If you want to return the product, some companies may even charge you a restocking fee. When purchasing your smart home product from a box store, you have two options for installation: either DIY or hire someone to install it for you.

Logo of an online retailerOnline Retailers

Buying Smart Home Items Online

Many people love to place online orders these days since it is convenient. However, for the people who like to touch the product, ask questions, and physically compare it to other products, this may not be the best option.

Does Your Online Retailer Have a Return Policy?

Make sure you know what the return policy is for your online purchase. Many times when you purchase a product online, it means you will take on the task of trying to DIY – install it yourself – when it comes to installation. When it comes to things like smart lighting, installation can be dangerous, so BE CAREFUL!

Today’s generation is full of DIYers & YouTubers. Be realistic in what you think you are capable of accomplishing.

Smart Home Devices often get broken or damaged from people trying to do-it-yourself (DIY). This is an expensive gamble most people aren’t willing to take. In fact, we get a lot of calls from people who first tried installing the device on their own.

Why risk it when you have companies who are experts in the industry available to help?

Smart Home Experts

Custom Electronic Designers, Installers and Retailers

These expert smart home installation companies have a specialized niche in the market with experienced technicians who participate in ongoing training and certifications.

Smart Home Tech - GraphicSmart Home Experts Are:

  • Very knowledgeable about the various smart home products on the market.
  • Can answer specific questions regarding product features.
  • Know how to properly integrate smart products into your home.

Smart Home Technicians Charge for Installation

Their service will cost you money; but so does installing the product incorrectly, which could cause it to break or malfunction. By having a custom smart home installation company, like Moseley Electronics, install your smart home product ensures that both the product and installation are protected against damages. At Moseley Electronics we honor manufacturer’s warranties on the products we sell. We also offer a one year warranty on our labor. This means if the product fails during the manufacturer’s warranty, simply call us and we will take care of the problem. 

Most reputable companies warranty their labor; as well as the product, if you purchase it directly from them.

It is important to hire a forward thinking electronics expert when integrating all of your smart home products together via a smart home hub to ensure:

  • The best results.
  • Complete integration throughout the home.
  • Your home will be compatible with technology of the future.

Smart Homes Have Arrived in RVA

Richmonders are making the shift to today’s Smart Home by either integrating smart technology into their existing homes, or building a new custom home which incorporates a “smart” lifestyle.

When shopping for your smart home products, knowledge is power. Once you determine which smart home products you want to install in your home, you can decide the best way to obtain and install your smart home products. If, at any point in the process, you’d like advice from a smart home expert, we’re happy to help.

Contact one of our smart home technicians online or call us at (804)379-1348 to discuss your options. Make your home a Smart Home today!